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THE LATEST — Swapping

Sustainable fashion is in my blood now, but it hasn't always been. I've shopped from Supré. I've ducked into Kmart for a quick essential. I've been lured into Zara for a last-minute glitzy weekend number. I've even rummaged through the sale racks at H&M and enjoyed it.

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Australians send 6000kg of fashion and textile waste to the tip every ten minutes but on Sunday October 20th, The Fashion Advocate is set to save 2500 designer and pre-loved items from landfill. 

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According to YouGov, four out of 10 people throw unwanted fashion items straight in the bin, rather than trying to repair or recycle them, and it equates to an average of 23kg of textiles and clothing every year. Kate is passionate about changing such wasteful habits, and through The Clothing Exchange, she's actively changing the industry too. 

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