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THE LATEST — Western Australia

I believe that fashion should be consciously made with people and the planet prioritised over profits, and I believe it can co-exist with morals without compromising on style. Good fashion should make you feel good, inside and out, but not at the expense of the maker, and this is exactly what the team at Brooke Da Cruz believe in too.

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Amanda Healy shares my passion and values, and as the founder of Kirrikin, she too understands the importance of restoring, respecting and sharing Indigenous art through fashion. 

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Helen Atcheson isn't concerned with trends or fads, contrary to the popular fashion model. She is inspired by all things natural, and her designs reflect the balmy days and sticky nights of her Western Australia lifestyle where some winter days are a beautiful 29 degrees. In that kind of environment, linen is a must, and it's the only fabric Helen chooses to use in her range.

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