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I'm a bit of a linen nut. Growing up, my mum bought us a new bed set every year, and it was such a thrill getting to choose our own patterns and prints. We were also responsible for making our own beds from an early age, so the practice of starting the day with a well-made bed is something I still do, and I can't leave the house without doing it. 

I might be past the pink prints and the Disney characters, but my love of good bed linen hasn't changed, and the goodness of getting into a freshly made bed is up there on my list of favourite feelings. It's a nostalgic feeling, a feeling of comfort, and a feeling of safety, and there's nothing quite like it.

It's something special that bedding brand, Bhumi, truly understand, and they've made it their mission to provide the best possible nights' sleep in ethical and sustainable linen.

You've probably never stopped to think about what you're sleeping on, but you should. Considering we spend a third of our lives in bed, the sheets we're all tossing and turning in - matter. Most of the world's cotton is grown with toxic synthetic pesticides and dyed with chemical dyes in unfair and unhealthy working conditions. Bhumi is passionate about changing the state of the cotton industry just as much as they are about a good nights' sleep, and they've left no pillow unturned when it comes to their ethics, sustainability practices, and fair trade principles.

Bhumi is dedicated to redefining luxury, and they're reshaping the conventional cotton industry to provide organic, pure, luxuriously soft and chemical-free bed linen that complements the sacred space of the bedroom. They're also transparent from 'seed to shelf', committed to the highest environmental standards and respect for social justice.

Bhumi touts themselves as having the world's finest organic cotton, and I'd agree - I've been sleeping on it for a month now, and it's becoming harder and harder to get out of bed every day and leave my soft, organic, cuddly wonderland behind. Maybe it's the details - from the quality of organic Bhumi threads, the length of the long-staple cotton or the plastic-free timber buttons - or perhaps it's the peace of mind knowing that I'm sleeping on truly ethical sheets, but a good nights' sleep only gets better on Bhumi bedding.

Now that I'm nearly six month's pregnant, sleeping on organic sheets is more important than ever. Bhumi's list of credentials tick countless boxes for me: no genetically modified seeds are used, no toxic dyes are used, and no hazardous synthetic pesticides are used protecting farmers' lives and the environment.

They don't just make unsubstantiated claims about sustainability either. Bhumi actually contribute to positive social and environmental change on the ground and in dollars, which is validated by an independent 3rd party, and you can track your impact with every purchase.

Shop Bhumi's range of ethically made, Fairtrade, premium and organically grown cotton sheets and bedding linen here, and use THEFASHIONADVOCATE-BHUMI for 20% off.

My personal pick: the Belgium organic flax linen sheet set and Belgium organic flax linen plain quilt cover set (shown).

The Fashion Advocate x

 Bhumi organic cotton linen bedding sheets ethical, sustainable, fairtrade Australia

Bhumi organic cotton linen bedding sheets ethical, sustainable, fairtrade Australia

Bhumi organic cotton linen bedding sheets ethical, sustainable, fairtrade Australia

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