The rise of ethical and sustainable Australian demi-couture

'Haute Couture' is a legally protected term in Paris, and you can't just wake up and decide to be an Haute Couturier. The governing body that passes judgement, the Chambre Syndicale De La Couture, determines which fashion design houses are eligible to be true Haute Couture houses, and stringent rules apply. 

We're worlds away from all the rules in Australia, but a handful of independent labels are now embracing 'demi-couture', a contemporary interpretation of fashion's oldest art form.  

Demi-couture is every bit as beautiful; it is hand-constructed, delicate and detailed, but retails at ready-to-wear prices. It may sound complicated (differentiating between Haute Couture, couture and demi-couture) but it's simple. Think gorgeous, bespoke fashion at a price point you can afford, in styles and designs that you can wear over and over. 

The Ballet Tululah Dress is one of those pieces. It's been delicately handmade in a soft undulating tulle, and I feel a million dollars in it. I've teamed it with the Unapologetically Feminine tee and thigh high boots for a #bosslady look, but you could style this for an event, a cocktail party, a festival or a night out with the right layers and accessories. 

This entire outfit has made by a woman who I’ve known for more than half a decade; she has children, she is passionate, she is incredibly talented, and despite the fast fashion pressure she has known her whole design career, she has never swayed from her values, remaining ethical and Australian made. 

The Fashion Advocate x




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