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This is the very definition of women empowering women through collaboration

I’ve worked with Moments Condoms for a few years now, and I wholeheartedly back what they’re all about. When I first published an Instagram post in 2017 about Moments Condoms, there were a few raised eyebrows, and it was interesting to see the response to something so 'taboo'.

But, I’m alive and writing this post because my parents got jiggy with it, let’s face it. You’re reading this post because your parents got jiggy with it too. We’ve all done it, we all do it, we’ll all do it again, so there’s no reason why the topic of sex should be taboo. There’s no reason why women should feel uneasy about talking it about either, which is the founding concept of Moments Condoms.

Moments proudly empower women to talk about sex, and to feel confident about taking control of their health. They’re for women, they’re for men, and they’re for anyone who wants to have a good time, but their true passion is empowering women with the confidence they need to make safe choices.

Moments Condoms are also Vegan Certified, and they donate 5% of each sale to the McGrath Foundation, contributing to the placement of specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses where they’re needed most.

Moments also supports the International AIDS Society with a donation of condoms every year, contributing to education initiatives on World AIDS Day, and they lend assistance to the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to lessen the impact of the HIV epidemic on individuals and communities.

Moments have now come to the aid of The Fashion Advocate, and they’re a generous partner of our 2019 IDENTITY runway as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. Moments share our values and our goals, and together, we’re empowering women worldwide through awareness.

I’m passionate about empowering women in the garment industry, and as a community at The Fashion Advocate, we’re changing fashion for the better, together. Moments are positively impacting the state of a global issue too, which is why I’ve shacked up with them (excuse the pun) to work together on our IDENTITY runway this year. I couldn’t be prouder to be working with a business who shares my goals so profoundly, and who puts women at the forefront of everything they do.

Learn more about Moments Condoms at or buy tickets to our 2019 IDENTITY runway through

The Fashion Advocate x

Moments Condoms The Fashion Advocate

Moments Condoms The Fashion Advocate

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