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I don't watch television. I rarely listen to the radio. I never click the 'news' tab on Facebook. I research what I need to when I need to, and I take my inspiration for positive change from my own intuition, books and unbiased studies. 

The news around our environment, ocean plastic, animal extinction and climate change is bleak. Sometimes it’s even scary. Let’s be honest – it’s a lot to take on board – and sometimes it’s easier to bury our heads in the sand, do nothing, and hope that someone else will fix what’s going on in the world.

But the easy way out is rarely the best choice, and right now what we need is education, acceptance, responsibility and positive change.

When you’re trying to change the world by yourself it feels overwhelming, I get it. But, that’s the secret – none of us have the change the world alone. As a collective, we have so much power to make the world a better place and change our future.

Ocean plastic, landfill, water pollution, chemical dumping – anything and everything we need to change as a society to shape a more sustainable future, is within our control to change, and that’s what Tim Hollo’s book, Living Democracy, is all about.

It’s an enlightened and informative read on all things environment, and it’s empowering too. Tim’s beliefs around the power of people is what I resonate with most, and the book’s ending statement is poignant…

“By far the biggest challenge is believing we can do it, and trusting ourselves and each other enough to start and to stick at it. We’ll lessen the social and economic inequities that pit us against each other and create shared abundance, social cohesion, and better communities.” 

Broaden your mind and settle into an empowering read with Living Democracy here.

Claire x


Tim Hollo's Living Democracy is an ecological manifesto for positive change book review

Tim Hollo's Living Democracy is an ecological manifesto for positive change book review

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