VAMFF highlight: The Fashion Advocate Australian made runway

VAMFF highlight: The Fashion Advocate Australian made runway

The Australian fashion industry is ever-evolving. Influenced by our vibrant multicultural history, our unique climate and our sense of independence, Australia has produced some of the most coveted labels in the world.

But, with increasing competition from international conglomerates, the market flooding of cheap fast fashion, and the impact of constantly changing trends, sustaining an Australian made label is a tough task – but it’s worth it. 168 million children are forced into labour exploitation in third world countries every year, and millions of garment workers are paid wages so low that they’ll never escape poverty.

By supporting Australian made fashion, the positive effects extend far beyond our own shoreline; locally manufactured, ethically conscious Australian labels relieve the pressure on the offshore manufacturing system, and in turn, dramatically reduce the damaging impacts on the environment and humanity. The Fashion Advocate Runway will showcase the remarkable talent that exists on a local level, and it will educate consumers on the power and influence of their own fashion habits, dispelling the myth that Australian made fashion is unaffordable, unfashionable and inaccessible.

Celebrating Australian made fashion and unique style, The Fashion Advocate Runway will bring together independent labels from around Australia to showcase the cool, the quirky and the quintessential look of Australian fashion, as well as promote local production and ethical manufacturing. Stay tuned for designers, details and previews, and get in early to purchase your tickets at

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