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Victoria has been in lockdown for months, and I've lost track of time this year. We might be finding ways to adjust to 'the new normal', but that doesn't mean it's been easy. Adjusting and accepting are two very different things.

Lifeline recently reported a 25% increase in calls this year, initially driven by the bushfires, but when lockdown restrictions were imposed, calls from Victorians jumped up 30%.

I know handfuls of business owners who have been forced to close their stores, and I know just as many friends who have lost their jobs. Working from home and being at home seven days a week when you're not used to it can seem like an impromptu holiday at first, but the novelty quickly wears off for a lot of people.

There's no commute to or from work to separate work life and home life. There's no separation between the office and the lounge room because it's the same thing. Switching off becomes near impossible because home and work occur at the same location.

Throw a list of restrictions into the mix to prevent you from practising your regular stress-relief rituals, and it becomes a lot to digest. Take away traditions like being able to see a group of friends for a hug and a laugh, and unwinding with a massage or group yoga class to feel grounded. Take away travelling interstate to see your family, and sweating out stress at the gym. Take away enjoying the simple things in life like a beer in the sun at the pub or sitting down at a cafe to enjoy me-time... When those things are taken away, and when our community and human connections are limited overnight, it can hugely impact our mental health.

Big change, like what we're all experiencing now, can be a slippery mental health slope if you're not checking in with yourself. I've worked from home, in co-working spaces, and from a retail store, so I know that different work environments can have positive and negative impacts, and I know that maintaining my mental health every day, not just during a crisis, is vital.

Looking after your mental health needs to be a daily and conscious ritual, and creating healthy work-from-home habits is a great place to start. 'Out there' is crazy enough, so making sure your 'in here' environment is as positive and stress-free as possible, will make things feel a little more manageable.

It's what our latest box of goodies is all about - creating positive rituals at home and bringing positive vibes into your workspace. Designed to deliver a little calm when the world feels chaotic, our latest goodie box will encourage you to take time out, enjoy ten minutes to yourself brewing a hot cup, inspire you to pen some future plans, and help you relax into the moment. Sit down and enjoy the little things in life with goodies from some of my favourite Australian owned brands, and appreciate the freedoms we do have.

Fill your workspace with mood-lifting aromas. Enjoy the slow ritual of making a cup of tea or coffee and sit in the sun for ten minutes. Take that 3 pm break and eat a brownie guilt-free because you can, and start writing a list of all the things you're grateful for. Acknowledging the good things in life truly does help, and when I'm diligent with my daily gratitude list myself, I feel a whole lot better, even in lockdown.

Our Work From Home Australian Made Gift Box is filled with over $250 worth of ethical goodies to inspire a moment of joy in the everyday hustle, and it's only $99 because I want to deliver positive vibes to people who need it the most.

I only have 50, so if you need a little time out or some local treats to lift your mood, or you know someone who needs a pick-me-up, order one here.

And remember, this too shall pass.

Claire x


Australian made work from home ethical sustainable online gifts delivered

Australian made work from home ethical sustainable online gifts delivered

Australian made work from home ethical sustainable online gifts delivered

Australian made work from home ethical sustainable online gifts delivered

Australian made work from home ethical sustainable online gifts delivered



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