We're taking our motto, 'Look good, do good' one step further and planting one tree with every sale

We're taking our motto, 'Look good, do good' one step further and planting one tree with every sale

It's no secret that fashion has its flaws, but we're doing something about it. Besides selling only ethical and sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, we also plant one tree for every sale we make.

We've partnered with One Tree Planted, a not-for-profit organisation focused on global reforestation and habitat protection. With their help, we're giving back to the environment, actively getting involved in reforestation, and working towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Every time you shop sustainably online at The Fashion Advocate, you'll look good and you'll do good. It's a super simple process too; you shop sustainably, and we'll buy a tree for you. At the end of each month, we tally all our sales, and donate $1.32 for every sale to One Tree Planted, who use $1.32 to plant one tree. The more sales we make, the more trees we can plant, and the more sustainable shopping habits we can create too.

We've chosen to plant our trees in Australia, restoring forests following the destruction of the Black Summer bushfires. This helps to rejuvenate critical habitat for wildlife and safeguarding community watersheds through the restoration of indigenous tree species.⁠

15 billion trees are cut down every single year around the world, but we need trees to survive. One Tree Planted successfully planted over ten million trees worldwide in 2020 alone, and we've teamed up with them to add to that number in 2021.

Learn more about our positive impacts and the benefits of buying better through our blog, or start shopping more sustainably here.

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