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'I found Lucy.' is designed and made in Brighton, Queensland, Australia. I found Lucy. is an art based concept brand with garment and design being its medium. The idea was conceived in 2010 by designer Lucy Thompson, who has been on a journey to find her voice by doing the necessary groundwork to give the label as much backbone and as much chance to be heard and here for the long run. 2017 was devoted to building the brand's personality and here we are in the new year, with a lot to say and a lot to share. This year is possibly the most official-of-official years for I found Lucy. I found Lucy. is a brand for the unapologetically feminine. She is at one with how she feels and how she presents herself to the world. She shines in your eyes, but you can't look away. She is clever, she is brave, she has empathy and truth. She knows she can't live without using her heart to its full potential. For the sentimental heart inside of you and I. And the ethereal one inside of her. Learn more about I found Lucy here.

Australian designed, Australian made, sustainable, ethical, vegan and transparent.