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Lauren and Angie is designed and made in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Lauren and Angie was born out of love for a more sustainable lifestyle and going against the fast-fashion craze. The team aim to create simple and classic garments that you can work into your own unique style and be able to wear for many seasons without fear of it going out of style. Made up of a combination of organic cotton, linen and other eco-friendly fabrics, Lauren and Angie aim to bring the love back to clothes, reigniting that handmade touch that so much of the fashion industry has lost. To them, eco-fashion is about using resources that already exist or have as little impact on the environment as possible, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future ahead. Each Lauren and Angie piece has been lovingly handmade by the team in their Geelong studio. No factories, no mass production - just simple clothes with lots of love. Learn more about Lauren and Angie here.

Australian designed, Australian made, ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics and transparent.