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UMMOK is designed and made in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. UMMOK represents the transforming experience one acquires through delving into the deep waters of the unknown world within. This process asks for complete surrender to the powerful forces of their psyche pulling them in and opening them up, reshaping everything they have ever perceived of their existence. UMMOK is a creative calling in the need to express powerful content studied in the past few years from the world of holistic psychotherapy, therefore it is inspired by the greatest thinkers in history which paint it in diverse colours and give it its unique attitude. Each collection takes on a new face, encompassing different approaches to human psychology through textures, designs and details, externalising and mirroring this intimate exploration and allowing individuals to express their inner wisdom and their ideas through what they wear. UMMOK is an independent Australian made and owned vegan label. Learn more about UMMOK here.

Australian made, Australian designed, sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly fabrics, vegan, and transparent.

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