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01 MINDSET ONLINE MASTERCLASS COURSE by The Fashion Advocate for sustainable fashion businesses and brands

Learn how to implement healthy mindset strategies to decrease your stress, increase your productivity and improve your sales.

I'll show you how to avoid the most common mindset mistakes and I'll teach you how to overcome business growth challenges so you can run your fashion business the easy, fun and stress-free way.

You've landed here for a reason.

  • "Claire is such a true gem!"

    Claire is living and breathing what she is teaching, and it helps you see how much potential your business has. If you’re considering getting training from Claire, go for it! She’s hands-on and approachable and constantly encouraging me through every step. You’ll definitely get a lot from it. I’m happy to recommend Claire to anyone needing help." Danielle S.

  • "Claire is a breath of fresh air!

    Having Claire break everything down to more simpler terms has meant that I have been able to take on the responsibility of my own tasks with confidence instead of outsourcing when I can't afford it yet. Claire has been an amazing breath of fresh air! What she demonstrates and how she teaches it has all has been so valuable. I highly recommend Claire's coaching!" Kelly A.

  • "Such a great investment!"

    Claire is a fountain of knowledge and everything she teaches is from her own first-hand experience. She knows her stuff! She’s been an absolute pleasure to learn from and her warm, generous personality overflows into her courses. She's helped me understand business in a new simple way. Her coaching is such a great investment. I recommend it!" Kimelyn M.




    This course is designed for both new and established ethical fashion brands and slow fashion labels.


    This course is designed for both emerging and established sustainable fashion brands, labels and businesses.


    This course is designed for both emerging and established circular fashion brands and recycled fashion businesses.


    This course is designed for emerging and established purpose-driven fashion companies and brands.

"This course is a gamechanger!"

  • Claire has an amazing wealth of knowledge and can communicate it clearly and most importantly she is so passionate about helping ethical businesses. I've learnt so much from this course and can't wait to go back through it again and improve even further. I highly recommend Claire's courses to all ethical and sustainable business owners, you won't regret it!

    Lauren N.
  • Claire is amazing with both her energy and sustainable business knowledge. She is generous with the assistance she gives, and I have learnt much from this course! We are lucky to have someone so passionate about the sustainable space and so willing to share her knowledge.

    Nicole M.
  • The cost of this course is worth its weight in gold! I’ve made so much progress applying these strategies and it's only been 30 days. Claire’s mentoring and knowledge has been perfect for our brand growth. I highly recommend working with Claire!

    Danielle S.
  • I loved working with Claire and found her very warm and knowledgeable. Her course really helped with my confidence in business. The course was invaluable and really helped me grow my brand.

    Kimelyn M.
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Your mindset and your mental health can make or break your fashion business.

When you're stressed, exhausted, and running on empty, you make poor business decisions. You react instead of getting creative with solutions. You miss opportunities. You roadblock yourself. 

But when you're in the right mindset, you think creatively, you overcome challenges faster, business flows, sales increase, and growth becomes seamless and stress-free.

And that's what this course is all about - the powerful mindset strategies that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs use to drive their success.


I really need help to make more sales but I can't afford this right now. Is there a payment plan option?

Yes! There sure is. I get it because I've been there. I know that you need help but you can't afford it, but getting help will mean you can afford things. It's a chicken and egg scenario and it's so hard to work through in business, which is why I offer PayPal, credit card and Klarna payment facilities, so you can access the help you need now to grow, and pay it off when you can. I also offer the old school laybuy, so if you want to slowly pay it off over a longer period of time, you can do that too! Just email me and I'll set up a laybuy for you.

I'm running a business and feel so busy already. Will I have the time to complete this course?

Most of my online courses and masterclasses are one hour long. If you're committed to growth, you'll find an hour to watch it! You can complete my courses at your own pace though; watch the full hour in one sitting or watch 20 minites a day whenever you catch a break. You can come back to the course again and again whenever you need a refresher. My masterclasses iclude strategies to improve your business and save you time, so you might feel busy now but with my help, you'll feel a lot better soon. I'm handing over my templates, how-to guides and plans to help you cut down hours and create work-life balance.

I don't have an advertising or marketing budget. Will I have to spend to grow with your strategies?

Nope! I grew my a six-figure with a zero-dollar budget, and I made my first $500,00 in sales without applying a single dollar to Facebook advertising. I didn't spend a cent on marketing or paid ads to make my sales, and I still made over $500,000. I know how to make a lot of sales on a non-existant budget and that's what I'm sharing with you - the stratgies that are free to use. I don't teach Facebook advertising because I've never had to use it! I use free and creative growth strategies that are proven to increase sales, increase conversions, expand your customer reach, and improve your business performance. Everything I teach is free to implement, you'll just need to apply a little time and elbow grease.

I'm not tech savy. Do I have to use a complicated online program to access this course?

No! I got sick and tired of online course platforms myself, so I've made this super easy for you. There's no tricky log ins, learning a new system or remembering your password. Once you've been through the check out process, you'll be emailed all the downloads and links you need to access your video tutorial, which will open in a new web window just like you would open a normal web page. My videos are designed to be easy to watch and easy to follow, so they're recorded in a step-by-step format that you can sit through or skip through, re-watch, re-read, or revisit as much or as little as you need. Easy!

I'm new to running a business and I'm struggling. Will this course be too advanced for me?

No! You're in the right place if you're new to business and you're also in the right place if you've been in business for a while too. My online courses and masterclasses are designed for sustainable fashion businesses of all sizes and for founders of all abilities. You'll learn through a step-by-step process with my videos, tutorials, workbooks, and written transcripts, so no matter how you learn, you'll find the resources you need to make it easy.

I've tried so many online courses and they haven't helped. How are The Fashion Advocate courses different?

My online courses and masterclasses are specifically designed for sustainable fashion businesses, ethical fashion brands, circular fashion businesses and purpose-driven companies. I'm an award winning business operator, an award winning social media marketer, and an experienced CEO in charge of mulitple businesses. Most courses are taught by people who operate out of a text book, but I'm teaching tried and tested fashion industry specific strategies for growth. It's real experience, not textbook theory.

I'm a service-based fashion business. Is this just for product-based fashion businesses?

I've run both service based and product based fashion businesses, and it doesn't matter if you're running a sustainable fashion blog that sells content or an ethical fashion brand that sells bags - my methods and stratgies can be applied to all kinds of fashion businesses. Whatever you're selling or however you're serving your customers, the same foundations, principles and strategies apply for growth.

01 MINDSET ONLINE MASTERCLASS COURSE by The Fashion Advocate for sustainable fashion businesses and brands mentor women in business


If you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed or you're not making enough sales to survive, you're not alone. I've been there.


Then I worked out a strategy that dramactially changed my business, increased my sales, improved my profit, and saved me time. I want to share it with you!


The Fashion Advocate is the #1 online learning destination for ethical and sustainable fashion businesses, brands and labels.

Learn how to scale, make more sales and make the world a better place with your fashion business.

  • Designed for every size business.

    My fashion-specific online courses and masterclasses are for every size of fashion business, big or small, solo-founder or team-leader. The strategies I teach will help you grow whether you're just starting out and need structure or you're established and want to scale.

  • Guidance to give you motivation.

    My fashion-specific online courses and masterclasses include all the help and support you need to build confidence, take action and find motivation. This is about taking small, practical steps every day to foster serious business successs.

  • Tried, trusted and proven strategies.

    My fashion-specific online courses and masterclasses share my tried, tested, trusted and proven strategies for fashion business success. I've worked with hundreds of brands big and small who testify again and again that my strategies improve their business and increase sales.

  • Authentic and personal.

    My fashion-specific online courses and masterclasses are authentic and personal to give you the mentoring and help you need to get practial answers to your questions. My video sessions are engaging, fun and easy to follow.

  • Packed with money making methods.

    My fashion-specific online courses and masterclasses will empower you with the knowledge you need to expand your sustainable fashion business and increase your income. This is about making more sales, because the more money you make, the more good you can do!

  • Practical and actionable plans.

    My fashion-specific online courses and masterclasses share my time-saving, stress-reducing and productivity-boosting strategies to help you create work-life balance. My courses come with practical plans that are easy to implement so you can take action today.

  • No advertising budget needed.

    My fashion-specific online courses and masterclasses include all the free strategic steps I took to build a six-figure business on a shoestring budget. I'm sharing my six-figure blueprint and it doesn't include Facebook advertising or a makrteing budget. My stratgies are free!

  • Done-for-you templates.

    My fashion-specific online courses and masterclasses come with easy to use and downloadable templates, fashion business stratgies, plans and documents. Whataver course you take, you'll have everything you need to increase your sales and improve your business.

Learn how to overcome business challenges with the right mindset and focus on growth.

You’ll finish this one-hour masterclass course with a clear mindset strategy that you can start using straight away to decrease your stress, manage your workload more efficiently, improve your productivity levels, and dramatically increase your sales.

This is my complete health, wellness and mindset strategy that helped me make my first $500,000 in sales running one of the largest online stores for ethical and sustainable fashion.

You’ll gain a roadmap for positive change that increases your impact and increases your sales.

If you're running an ethical, sustainable, circular, slow or purpose-driven fashion business, there’s a lot to do and a lot to think about. If you don’t have a health, wellness and mindset strategy in place while you’re running a business, you’re holding yourself back.

This is NOT a boring online course.



    You can watch my online courses and masterclasses in as little as one hour. They're packed with incredibly informative step-by-step visuals so you can watch them in one sitting or pause and revisit them later.


    My online courses and masterclasses are pre-recorded so you can learn at your own pace, skip forward, rewind back, and rewatch my sessions as many times as you need to implement my strategies.

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    My online courses and masterclasses come with the added bonus of access to our private Facebook group. Running a fashion business is tough, but our online community is here to help and support you.


    Implement my strategies and you'll see immediate results. Take what you've learned, keep applying it and multiplying it, and accelerate your fashion business growth and impact. My strategies are tried and trusted!

If you’re not sure how to grow or what help you need to increase your sales and improve your business, book a private one-on-one strategy call with me.

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