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Who's the course for?

Social media is complex, and with more platforms launching every year, it’s a tricky world to navigate. With our Social Media Masterclass, you’ll learn how to analyse each platform and address its suitability to your individual brand and your own marketing plan. You’ll discover how to maximise your reach, increase your engagement, and start using social media with confidence to increase your sales.

Eight out of ten people use social media every day

How are you reaching them?

Over 30 days and four 1:1 sessions I'll work with you to build a social media presence for your fashion business that is a true reflection of your business and helps build a loyal following of customers. 

Claire has been an amazing mentor for social media, I have learnt so much. She’s been incredible to work with.

Kelly Athanasopoulos, Young Dahlia.

I got 28 followers over night with one of the engagement tips Claire showed me, and they’re real customers too.

Rachael Whittaker, Bra Easy.

In my first ten minutes, I already knew this was going to be an amazing course. Claire is so much fun to work with.

Gemma Tribelco, Anew Atelier.