This is why hiring a marketing agency as an emerging fashion brand is a bad idea.

Of all the questions I get every week, at least one is a big ‘HELP ME’ after a sustainable fashion business has had a bad experience with a ‘marketing agency’. Then when I hear how much they’ve spent and how little ‘marketing’ they’ve received… Wow, it’s heartbreaking.

And I say ‘marketing’ in quote marks because a lot of agencies call themselves marketers when they’re actually in the business of branding.

The thing is, when you’re starting an ethical, sustainable, circular or slow fashion business, it’s best to hold off hiring a marketing agency for the first few years for two reasons…

Firstly, agencies promise the world to fashion start ups and because they’re bright-eyed and bushy tailed, brands believe they’ll make them millions without question.

Secondly, when you haven’t even wear tested, customer tested or market tested your range properly, and you leap into paid advertising with a marketing agency, it can bring up big big big problems.

The best way to grow your brand in the first few years is to learn fashion marketing yourself so you can adjust your strategy as you grow. Then, when you've refined your range, gathered your customer feedback, and streamlined your business processes, you’re ready to hire an agency and you’ve had the time to iron out any kinks in your business and products.

I’m a big believer in learning to do things myself before I outsource, it’s empowering, and it’s why I launched my Marketing For Fashion Masterclass.

I see too many labels get taken advantage of by ‘marketing agencies’ who promise the world and deliver peanuts, so I wanted to create a solution for small fashion businesses on a limited budget.

My marketing masterclass doesn’t just explain why you need a marketing strategy as a fashion business but it shows you how to create one and exactly what to do so you can effectively market your own fashion business - without paid ads and without paying an agency.

It's filled with science, psychology, tried and tested growth methods, and future-proofing frameworks to create a powerful marketing strategy, so you can grow your ethical and sustainable fashion business the easy, stress-free way.

Empower yourself with marketing skills and learn my six-figure making strategies to build your sustainable fashion business here.

You have to walk before you run!

Claire x

This is why hiring a marketing agency as an emerging fashion brand is a bad idea The Fashion Advocate ethical sustainable eco fashion mentor

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