Find your tribe and connect with like-minded slow fashion brands and get 24/7 support inside our private community chat group.


    Access exclusive masterclasses and workshops with fashion industry mentors, professionals and experts.


    Learn powerful growth strategies to scale with done-for-you manuals and action plans to increase your sales and impact.

The Fashion Advocate slow ethical sustainable mentor coach marketing course program community digital group online made in Australia
The Fashion Advocate slow ethical sustainable mentor coach marketing course program community digital group online



A mentoring program and supportive community for ethical, sustainable, circular and slow fashion brands.



with tried and tested strategies, support and mentoring so you can increase your sales, increase your impact and love what you do.
The Fashion Advocate slow ethical sustainable mentor coach marketing course program community digital group online
The Fashion Advocate slow ethical sustainable mentor coach marketing course program community digital group online made in Australia

Tried, tested, trusted and proven.

The Fashion Advocate is an award-winning business and a trusted name in the fashion industry.
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    The strategy calls are invaluable.

    "This was the best decision I have ever made! Claire has been nothing but supportive and her strategies and helpful tactics help me stay relevant and take my business from an unknown to the recognition that it deserves. Her weekly calls bring great insight and her continual strategies in managing a sustainable fashion business have been invaluable! I highly recommend!"

    Peggy, Designer and Founder, Juliette et Felicity.

  • The Fashion Advocate slow ethical sustainable mentor coach marketing course program community digital group online made in Australia Brisbane

    Claire explains every step of the process.

    "Claire gives me so much clarity into the content creating process and how to communicate my message to my clients. She explains every step of the process very clearly, which makes it so easy to put an effective plan in action. Her mentoring came into my life when I was feeling lost in my business. Her ongoing support makes you feel like you're not alone in the process! Thank so much for your support Claire!"

    Fernanda, Founder and Designer, Fernanda Covarrubias.

  • The Fashion Advocate slow ethical sustainable mentor coach marketing course program community digital group online made in Australia Anjelms

    Claire is amazing to work with!

    "Working with Claire and the The Fashion Advocate has been an amazing experience for us. As a label based in a small town of Western Australia, this has given the strategies and exposure we needed to break into the eastern market. Claire is amazing to work with."

    Gaelle B, Founder and Designer, Anjelms.


join the fashion advocate's


A mentoring program and supportive community for slow fashion brands




"It's been comforting to talk through the mental load and hurdles with other small business owners in the same position and to pick Claire's brain on how to handle and prioritise it all. I'm much more motivated and feel like I am slowly gathering all the tools I need to help me through it. Claire has been an amazing support, she can relate exactly to where we are at and offer really helpful advice and strategies to simplify the most overwhelming tasks. The strategy calls have been amazing!"

Rebecca, Founder and Designer, Flipslide.

What's included?


    You'll unlock exclusive entry to our private slow fashion community - a space where you can connect, collaborate, and gain advice from fellow slow fashion founders who share your values. Whether you have burning questions or simply crave support, our community of ethical, sustainable, circular, and slow fashion businesses is here for you 24/7.


    Get a front row seat to our members-only LIVE masterclasses with industry experts and icons. Together, we'll delve deep into business strategies that truly move the needle. Watch, learn, ask questions, get answers and gain invaluable insights to transform your slow fashion brand.


    You'll learn directly from industry experts and trained professionals who are committed to helping you succeed. You'll also learn from fashion business coaches and experienced industry mentors who know how to help you through your challenges with clear strategies, proven growth methods and selling solutions.


    Elevate your ethical, sustainable, circular, or slow fashion brand with
    tried-and-tested, industry-specific actionable growth tips and practical insights. Learn effective strategies to boost your bottom line and increase sales, empowering you to make a meaningful impact in the fashion industry and build a business you love.


    Gain access to a treasure trove of essential resources, workbooks, action plans, and comprehensive guides designed to propel your fashion business forward. Save time with step-by-step growth, sales and marketing instructions so you can clear the fog and feel empowered to take decisive action and future-proof your business.


    Master the essential pillars of running a slow fashion business and learn your way to a better business. We explore core growth topics each month, so you can improve every area of your business. From innovative marketing strategies to optimising website conversions and perfecting your SEO game, you'll learn how to supercharge your sales and amplify your impact.


    You'll learn how to create positive daily habits with our productivity systems and calendars so you can effortlessly increase your sales, achieve more and work less. Ultimately, you'll learn how to run your fashion business the easy, stress-free and fun way.


    You'll learn specific strategies that you can apply to your unique business so you can achieve a stress-free, easy and fun workflow and fall in love with running your business. You'll feel inspired and be supported so you can reduce overwhelm, reduce stress, and run your business with ease and joy.


The Slow Fashion Circle membership is a supportive and practical program specifically designed for ethical, sustainable, circular and slow fashion brands.

We get laser-focused on one topic per month so you can build your business in a manageable, practical and strategic way and move forward each month with a clear action plan.

Increase your sales and increase your impact with a step-by-step monthly plan that gets immediate results, and lean on the support of our community to get to where you want to go.

Here's what you'll gain inside the Slow Fashion Circle...

Before plunging into actionable steps, it's crucial to understand the significance and essence of the month's topic.

Growth isn't just about understanding why you need to take action, it's also about how you need to take action to increase your sales. Our group masterclasses and workshops are packed with clear, valuable and easy-to-follow strategies that you can implement straight away to grow.

I might have grown one of the largest online stores for ethical and sustainable fashion, but I'm not the only one who can help you. You'll also learn from industry mentors, experts and coaches who specialise in the month's topic. You'll have the rare opportunity to ask direct questions from our call mentors and guests.

One of the main benefits of joining the Slow Fashion Circle is being part of a community that shares your values. Running a fashion business is hard, but our community Q+A calls make the journey easier. Through our LIVE group calls every month, you'll have direct access to me to ask for help and you'll be able to ask the community for advice and guidance too. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together!

Being part of the Slow Fashion Circle will help you increase your sales and decrease your stress, but there's so much more to it than making money. You'll find all the motivation and cheer-squad vibes you need to get on track, move forward and find your happy place in business.

The Slow Fashion Circle is a practical, slow-fashion specific solution to increase your sales, increase your impact and run your business with purpose, joy and ease. Our calls are recorded, so you can show up LIVE if you want to or watch them later when you have time. Take what you need and leave what you don't need, show up when you want to, or skip the sessions you're confident with. There's no judgement, no attendance list and no report card - just support, guidance, practical strategies and growth advice.

What we cover inside the Slow Fashion Circle...


    Marketing month is a powerful month! It's packed with all the strategies, support and plans you need to dramatically increase your sales and improve conversions. You'll learn the essential fashion business marketing strategies designed for serious brand growth, industry insider secrets to boost sales and marketing tactics to increase conversions.


    Learn growth-focussed ecommerce essentials to scale your fashion brand and increase your sales. You'll learn the fundamental ecommerce basics of website design, ecommerce optimisation, and the secrets of customer behaviour so you can drive traffic to your online store, increase your conversions and increase sales.


    Learn how to turn followers into customers with the power of social media growth strategies so you can post, convert and sell. You'll learn the biggest social media mistake you can make and how to avoid it, plus how to work with influencers, how to use UGC for sales, and how to nurture your social media following to boost sales.


    Learn the essential legal basics of running a fashion business so you can build a strong foundation and protect your intellectual property. You'll learn how to establish the best company structure for your unique business, how to protect your brand, trademarking essentials, and the policies and procedures you need to have in place to operate legally in the fashion industry.


    Learn the essential foundations of impact-driven business so you can communicate your purpose and create a positive impact. You'll learn how to write a Corporate Social Responsibility Statement and how to donate within your budget, as well as how to attain the different accreditations and certifications available for your slow fashion brand.


    Learn the essentials of ethical production and what it means to pay a living wage, not just a minimum wage. We cover ethical sourcing and manufacturing, how to find ethical suppliers and what to look out for, supplier agreements, ethical practices and what fair trade is all about, plus planning for the future of fashion as we shift to a more ethical industry.


    You'll learn how to create a profitable and sustainable fashion business model, because sustainability is also about lasting in the fashion! You'll also learn about what it means to be truly sustainable, how to source sustainable fabrics, the best sustainable materials to use, what you can do to offset your carbon emissions, and how to create a long-term product stewardship scheme.


    Learn how to strengthen your brand and deliver a beautiful customer experience with sustainable packaging. You'll learn about the most sustainable packaging options available on the fashion market, the biggest packaging mistake you can make and how to avoid it, circular packaging and how to deliver with cost-effective yet sustainable shipping options.


    Learn powerful PR and media strategies that can turn your small fashion brand into a big one. We cover all things press releases and media features, how to land yourself in mainstream media and what to look for when working with PR agencies, plus fashion industry-specific strategies to grow your slow fashion brand in the media.


    Learn how to create a wholesale-friendly pricing model and how to wholesale into stores to grow your brand. Learn about working with wholesale agencies, listing on wholesale platforms, and how to get into the likes of David Jones and Myer, as well as the essential wholesale contracts you need.


    Learn the essential accounting and book-keeping basics so you can build a strong fashion business foundation including pricing your products for growth, financial groundwork, and money management. You'll learn how to create a profit and loss statement, how to forecast your budget, and when to start paying yourself a regular wage.


    Inside the Slow Fashion Circle membership, you'll learn how to build your fashion brand with EDMs and newsletters. You'll learn the step-by-step process of automated emails, how to nurture your community through EDMs, which platforms to use, and how to increase sales through your newsletters.


    Avoiding burnout when you're running a fashion business is essential. When you're running on empty, your business suffers, so Mindset month is an important month! Learn how to manage your workload effectively with planning tools and tips, so you can decrease stress while you increase sales. You'll learn essential mindset, health and wellness foundations to keep yourself and your fashion business afloat.

  • SEO

    You'll learn the pillars of ecommerce SEO so you can implement growth strategies straight away and increase your online traffic, increase your digital presence, and drive more customers to your online store. A good SEO strategy is essential for growth, and you'll finish SEO month with a clear and actionable plan to make reaching new customers a lot easier!


    Without customers, you don't have a business, so focussing on your customer target markets and fostering a good community is important. Customer and community month is about building your slow fashion business blocks around the people who keep your business alive - your customers - and you'll learn the must-know stratgies to keep your cutomers coming back.


    Building a strong slow fashion brand is about having a strong presence - on and offline. During Branding Month, you'll learn how to develop a branding strategy that translates to sales, increases your reach, fosters great relationships with your customers, and increases your impact. This is about establishing your slow fashion brand as the go-to brand in your niche!

The Slow Fashion Circle is a supportive community and mentoring program designed specifically for slow fashion brands.

This is a tailored solution for your unique fashion brand, no matter where you are in business - starting out or scaling up.

Take what you need and leave what you don't need. Show up LIVE or catch up on recorded calls in your own time. Get involved with our private community or check in only when you need something.

The fashion industry is tough and growing a slow fashion brand is tougher, but tough doesn't mean impossible. It means you need a creative strategy, a little help and support, and the right connections.

It's what the Slow Fashion Circle is all about, and it's the solution I wish I had when I was growing one of the largest online stores for ethical and sustainable fashion. I could have used this then, but it's here for you, now.

Because let's face it. You can't launch a website, upload a few products, occasionally pop out an Instagram post, and expect your business to grow. Unfortunately it's not that simple.

But with the right community, the right strategies, and the right opportunity to ask for help - you can grow in a way that works for you.

The Slow Fashion Circle membership is your growth blueprint, and it includes fashion-specific growth strategies that actually work to supercharge your sales, boost awareness for your brand, offer you the support you need to scale stress-free, and increase conversions for your slow fashion business.

You'll learn must-know industry foundations, tried and tested growth methods, and future proofing frameworks to create a powerful strategy, so you can grow your ethical, sustainable, circular or slow fashion business the fun, easy and stress-free way.

This isn't just a membership, it's a movement.

The Slow Fashion Circle is a statement of positive change. It's a community of like-minded business founders who are using fashion as a force for good. It's your tribe, your business bible and your guide to better business.

You’ll finish every month inside the Slow Fashion Circle with a complete topic-specific strategy that you can start using straight away to get the results you need for growth. You'll have all the support, strategies and step-by-step manuals you need to move forward, take action, reach more customers, improve your conversions, increase your impact, and ultimately increase your sales.

This is not a boring online course or your standard monthly membership.

This is an incredibly powerful and proven program specifically created for ethical, sustainable, circular and slow fashion businesses, labels, and brands.


    Our LIVE online masterclass calls are around one hour or less. They're packed with incredibly informative step-by-step visuals and no fluff so you can fit them into your weekly schedule with ease.


    Our masterclass calls are recorded so you can show up LIVE or watch the replay later and learn at your own pace, or skip forward and rewind back for a refresh when you need.

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    The Slow Fashion Circle includes access to our private industry community for support. Running a fashion business is tough, but our online community is here to help you, support you and answer questions.


    Implement what you learn and you'll see immediate results. Accelerate your fashion business growth and impact with tried and trusted methods to increase your reach and increase your sales, now.

The Fashion Advocate retail ecommerce membership community growth course for ethical sustinable and slow fashion brands and labels best online

The Slow Fashion Circle will help you increase your sales and decrease your stress.

And you've landed here for a good reason.

this is the solution you've been looking for.

The Fashion Advocate's SLOW FASHION CIRCLE membership is specifically designed for...


    This membership is designed for emerging and established ethical fashion brands and slow fashion labels.


    This membership is designed for emerging and established sustainable fashion brands, labels and businesses.


    This membership is designed for emerging and established circular brands and recycled fashion businesses.


    This membership is designed for emerging and established purpose-driven fashion retailers and stores.

Running a fashion business is hard. The Slow Fashion Circle makes it easier.

I'm running a business and feel so busy already. Will I have time for the masterclass calls?

If you're committed to growth, you can find the time for yourself and your business! You can fit this membership around your existing work week, and tune in LIVE or watch the replays when you get a chance. You can come back to the recordings again and again whenever you need a refresher. Calls are available to access for 12 months and they include strategies to improve your business and save you time too, so you might feel busy now but with a little help, you'll feel a lot better soon. I'm handing over my templates, how-to guides and plans to help you cut down hours and create work-life balance. This is about making more sales and working less.

I don't have an advertising or marketing budget. Will I have to spend on Facebook ads to grow with these strategies?

Nope! I grew my six-figure business with a zero-dollar budget, and I made my first $500,000 in sales without spending a single dollar on Facebook advertising. I know how to make sales without a marketing budget and that's what I'm sharing with you - the free strategies I used to grow my business. I don't personally teach Facebook advertising because I've never had to use it! We do however, have masterclass calls with advertising professionals so you can learn about Facebook and Google Ads if you want to. Take what you need, and leave what you don't need! Everything else you'll learn inside the Slow Fashion Circle is free to implement, you'll just need to apply a little time and elbow grease.

I'm not tech savy. Do I have to use a complicated online program to access this community?

Nope! I got sick of online course platforms myself, so I've made this super easy for you. There's no tricky log ins, learning a new system or remembering your password. You'll be emailed all the links you need each month to tune into our calls, along with your video masterclass and tutorial recordings. Just follow the links in your email - easy! The Slow Fashion Circle is designed to be easy to use and easy to follow, so masterclass calls are recorded in a step-by-step format that you can re-watch, and downloads are delivered directly to your inbox to re-read, or revisit as much or as little as you need. Easy!

Is the Slow Fashion Circle for new or established fashion businesses?

Both. You're in the right place if you're new to running a business and you're also in the right place if you've been running your business for a while too! The Slow Fashion Circle is designed for ethical and sustainable fashion businesses of all sizes. You'll learn through a step-by-step process with videos, tutorials, workbooks, and downloadable templates, so it doesn't matter if your business is a month old, a year old or a decade old, you'll find the strategies and resources you need to increase your sales and improve your business. Business can always be better, no matter what stage of business you're in!

I've tried online courses and they haven't helped. How is The Fashion Advocate's Slow Fashion Circle different?

Spending money on growth is a big step, especially when the budget is tight, so I understand your hesitation. I've been disappointed with other online courses too, which is why I've created something truly unique. Our masterclass calls include only valuable information and you'll receive all the business blueprints you need. There's no fluff here! I'm here to make the world a better place through fashion - and that means helping you as much as I can by giving you everything I know, because your success means more of a positive impact! The Slow Fashion Circle is also specifically designed for sustainable fashion businesses, ethical fashion brands, circular fashion businesses and purpose-driven companies. I'm not sharing general information, I'm sharing industry-specific, niche-specific information. I'm an award winning business operator, an award winning social media marketer, and an experienced CEO in charge of multiple slow fashion businesses, so I know what works and what doesn't. Most online courses are taught by people who operate out of a text book or people who have never actually owned and operated a fashion business, but I'm teaching tried and tested, real and reliable fashion industry-specific strategies for growth. It's real experience, not textbook or internet theory.

The Fashion Advocate retail ecommerce membership community growth course for ethical sustinable and slow fashion brands and labels best online

I spent my first five years in business stressed and in debt.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or if you're not making enough sales to survive, you're not alone. I've been there.


Then I worked out a strategy that dramactially changed my business, increased my sales, and saved me time.


The Fashion Advocate is the #1 learning destination for ethical, sustainable, circular and slow fashion businesses, brands and labels.

Learn how to make more sales and make the world a better place with your fashion business.

  • For every size business.

    My Slow Fashion Circle membership is industry-specific and designed for every size of fashion business, big or small, solo-founder or team-leader. The strategies I teach will help you grow whether you're just starting out and need structure or you're established and want to scale.

  • Guidance and motivation.

    My industry-specific Slow Fashion Circle membership includes all the help and support you need to build confidence, take action and find motivation. This is about taking small, practical steps every day to foster serious business success.

  • Tried and trusted strategies.

    My industry-specific Slow Fashion Circle membership shares my tried, tested, trusted and proven strategies for fashion business success. I've worked with hundreds of brands big and small who testify again and again that my strategies improve their business and increase sales.

  • Authentic and personal.

    My industry-specific Slow Fashion Circle membership is authentic and personal to give you the mentoring and help you need to get practical answers to your questions. My video sessions are engaging, fun and easy to follow.

  • Proven money making methods.

    My industry-specific Slow Fashion Circle membership will empower you with the knowledge you need to expand your sustainable fashion business and increase your income. This is about making more sales, because the more money you make, the more good you can do!

  • Practical and actionable plans.

    My industry-specific Slow Fashion Circle membership shares my time-saving, stress-reducing and productivity-boosting strategies to help you create work-life balance. My courses come with practical plans that are easy to implement so you can take action today.

  • No advertising budget needed.

    My industry-specific Slow Fashion Circle membership includes all the free strategic steps I took to build a six-figure business on a shoestring budget. I'm sharing my six-figure blueprint and it doesn't include Facebook advertising or a marketing budget. My strategies only need your time!

  • Done-for-you templates.

    My industry-specific Slow Fashion Circle membership comes with easy to use and downloadable templates, fashion business strategies, plans and documents. Whatever course you take, you'll have everything you need to increase your sales and improve your business.

  • Save money and avoid mistakes.

    My industry-specific Slow Fashion Circle membership includes money-saving strategies to streamline your business and to help you avoid the most common mistakes you can make. Time is money, and I want to save you both so you can scale and succeed with your slow fashion business!


    If you're struggling to make sales or you're stressed and chasing your tail, joining the Slow Fashion Circle will give you the business strategies and fashion-specific support you need to make changes today and improve your business.


    The Slow Fashion Circle is about growing your business, but it's also about growing yourself. You'll connect with a supportive community of like-minded slow fashion business founders who get what it's like running a fashion business.


    The struggle is real and it's easy to get overwhelmed by your to-do list. Joining the Slow Fashion Circle will help you overcome the overwhelm and streamline your workload so you can scale, grow and enjoy the journey.