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The craft of millinery is an ancient tradition. One of the first depictions of a millinery piece dates back to 3200BC, where a man wearing shaped-headwear was painted inside the walls of a Thebes tomb, and although there’s no evidence of the ‘birth of millinery’ as such, it’s assumed that the art form is as old as clothing itself.

Millinery is a technical craft, one that requires an immense amount of patience, artistic vision and an understanding of textiles and fabrications. To the naked eye or to those don’t know much about it, millinery seems simple, but to Brenda Lui of Crazy Teapot, it’s a passion, and it’s a business that she’s poured herself into over the past 8 years.

This weekend, Brenda is set to showcase her latest millinery collection, Nouveau, at Fashion Week Mackay. Support her craft and pop along or read the next issue of The Fashion Advocate magazine, which features a personal interview with Brenda on her inspirations, her aspirations and what’s ahead for Crazy Teapot.
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