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Google the destination ‘Corfu’, and you’ll be swept away by images of blue skies, clear seas, rugged mountains and resort-studded shorelines. It’s the birthplace of Anne Marshall’s father and the inspiration behind her Australian made natural beauty range, Seven Islands Skincare. Anne describes her products as a ‘holiday for your skin’, and she’s right; with naturally derived ingredients like flower oils, olive oil and citrus oil, among other organic and vegan-friendly ingredients, Seven Islands Skincare heals like a two week holiday in the Mediterranean. It’s only been three months since Anne launched her range onto the market, but she’s learnt a lot already…

What was life like before launching Seven Islands Skincare?
I completed a diploma of beauty therapy and massage therapy after high school and worked as a beauty therapist and salon owner for many years. I loved the work, and I loved the people. In my late twenties, I started working for the charity sector while also keeping a foot in the world of beauty. I still work in charity alongside running my new business.

Explain to our readers what Seven Islands Skincare is?
It’s a completely pure, natural and luxurious skincare range inspired by the Mediterranean and handmade in Coogee, Sydney, where I live. I formulate and create all of the products myself, using high-quality ingredients to deliver only the best results. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this range, and I’m incredibly proud to be able to share it. We launched with body care and the most delicious lip balm, and face care is coming soon. I am very excited!

What inspired your brand name?
My Dad’s family comes from Corfu, one of the beautiful ‘Seven Islands’ in Greece. I made my first ever product while on summer holidays, island hopping across Greece (using Mediterranean ingredients, of course!) so the name seemed fitting. The area continues to inspire me and the products I develop.

How has business been since launching?
I have honestly been blown away by the positive response to my products. For a small start-up business, I am very happy with the early progress. I’m super busy, but it’s the ‘good’ kind of busy!

What does a week in your shoes look like?
No week is the same, and I wish there were more hours to fit in everything I need to do! It works because I am passionate about both my day job and Seven Islands Skincare. I love what I do and feel pretty lucky, as both careers involve doing positive and rewarding things. It helps to come home to my husband who makes me laugh, keeps me strong and knows when to hand me a glass of wine.

What are the key ingredients in your products?
Mediterranean people are known for their great skin, so a lot of inspiration has come from the olive itself. It has so many beneficial components, from the oil and vitamins and minerals for anti-ageing to the actual pips that are crushed down and used in the Seven Islands body scrub. There are also other beautiful Mediterranean-inspired ingredients in the range with a few Australian elements added in for good measure because I can’t ignore the beneficial natural ingredients that Australia also has to offer.

How is Seven Islands Skincare ‘a holiday for your skin’?
My mission is to create products that give our skin a break – from synthetics, chemicals, pollution and stress – every day. I was on holiday when I made my first product, and part of my daily ritual was applying this incredible balm and enjoying every moment of using something handmade and pure. It hit me that I shouldn’t just treat myself this well when I’m on holidays, I want to feel this great every day, year-round. We all should!

How did you learn to formulate the right ingredients to achieve consistency and good results?
Lots of intensive courses, research and trial and error – I must have had the best smelling rubbish bin in Sydney! I knew I was hooked after doing that simple holiday workshop in Greece and when I got back to Sydney, I jumped straight into learning as much as I could about natural skincare formulation. My experience and training as a beauty therapist has certainly helped, but there are so many exciting new developments and ingredients to explore. I like to make sure I get information from a variety of sources and then make it all on my own – that’s the best part!

Why is it essential to eliminate chemicals in our beauty products?
For me, being diagnosed with endometriosis was the trigger. I had an excellent doctor and naturopath who helped me steer clear of endocrine disruptors such as parabens, phthalates and BPA. It was a huge eye-opener. I started looking into products (even those labelled as natural) and was shocked to find how many chemicals I was absorbing on a daily basis. I have made improvements in my own life, and I am committed to helping others do the same.

When you’re not running Seven Islands Skincare, what are you doing?
I love to travel, so if I’m not reading, I’m probably booking my next holiday! I have a beautiful family and the best friends a girl could hope for, so there’s also lots of dinners and socialising.

Your packaging is PET, fully recyclable and BPA free. Why have you chosen this kind of packaging?
It’s essential that our products use packaging that reduces environmental impact. As the business grows, I would like to source more sustainable packing solutions. Looking after ourselves, as well as the planet, go hand in hand.

Is there anything you’d like our readers to know that you haven’t been asked?
Making the switch to more organic and natural skincare doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. Just replace one product at a time and don’t overwhelm yourself. I made this mistake myself, but now it’s much easier!
Treat your skin to a Mediterranean holiday and shop the Seven Islands Skincare range at Use the code HOLIDAYSKIN at the checkout for 25% off till the end of February. 
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