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I love shoes. Heels, flats, platforms, flatforms, wedges, strappy summer sandals; give me a well-heeled crop boot any day of the week. It’s something that I (unluckily?) inherited from my mother and it’s an addiction that I take very seriously.

The world’s most iconic women revere the power of a good pair and their words could not be more true. Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’, and Coco Chanel was on point with her wisdom, ‘A woman with good shoes is never ugly.’ But centuries before our modern muses lusted over their first pair of shiny Louboutins, and years before Carrie famously balanced those blue satin Manolo Blahnik’s on her 12-rung shoe rack, Cinderella said, ‘One shoe can change your life.’

And if Cinderella were here today, I know where she’d be heading this weekend – to Preston Zly’s famous Winter Studio Clearance Sale. For those unacquainted with handcrafted luxury footwear, Preston Zly is a shoe design atelier led by Johanna Preston and Petr Zly, who bring together their distinctly different skills to carry out their work as bespoke shoemakers.

While Johanna’s work is strongly influenced by the traditions of master shoemakers, Petr’s approach is that of a sculptor. Their creations are made ethically by hand in their own dedicated atelier, ensuring the integrity and quality of their unique designs encompass engineering, material technology, fine craftsmanship and most importantly, an understanding of the human anatomy. After all, what good is an amazing shoe, if one can’t comfortably wear it?

Preston Zly designs embody luxury and sophistication whilst exploring the tensions between masculinity and femininity, treading a fine line between old world traditions and contemporary techniques. Over the years they have formed ongoing collaborative relationships with designers such as Akira Isogawa, Material By Product and Alexi Freeman, and they’ve shown in both Paris and New York Fashion Week.

Their shoes have also been acquired for the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Victoria and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, and they feature in the private wardrobes of artists and personalities such as Bjork, David Walsh of Mona, Patricia Piccinini and Toni Collette.

I respect Johanna and Petr as visionary artisans, and I deeply admire their dedication to the art of 21st Century shoe making. Join me this weekend in celebrating their craft and enjoy up to 75% off Preston Zly’s Vintage and Axis collections. There’s no going back from their unique toe shapes, hand-carved heels and stunning hand-stitched details, so spring clean your wardrobe now; you’re going to need the space.

What: Preston Zly’s Famous Winter Studio Clearance Sale
When: Saturday 22nd August, 10am – 5pm and Sunday 23rd August, 12pm – 3pm
Where: Rear 219 Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria

The Fashion Advocate Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, Melbourne fashion blogger

The Fashion Advocate Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, Melbourne fashion blogger

The Fashion Advocate Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, Melbourne fashion blogger

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