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My Monday morning inspiration isn’t a quote this week, it’s my rack of designers that I’m proud to stock at The Fashion Advocate e-boutique.

I am so inspired by the creative collections they continue to come up with, the sustainable ideas they have, and the ethical practices they commit to. As a community of independent and ethical Australian labels, we are designing for positive change.

We’re working towards a future that values slow fashion as the norm, not the niche, and we advocate for living wages and safe working conditions in the garment manufacturing industry.

What good is empowering women with an incredible outfit in our own country if we’re taking advantage of women in another to make it? It makes no sense.

We’re not just working together to support the local industry, but we’re giving a voice to women all over the world who don’t have the freedom to use theirs, and we’re advocating for them.

Ethical fashion is the only way forward, both for the environment and for humanity, and at The Fashion Advocate, we’re paving that path.

I have always believed that it’s not good enough just to ‘exist’; I want to coexist and help others who aren’t in a position to help themselves, and that means using fashion as a force for good.

Consumers have the power to change policies on a global scale. By starting the conversation and talking about the issues with our manufacturing standards and systems, we are working towards an industry that is ethical and proud to be so.

You can’t change what you can’t see; recognising the ugly side of fashion is the only way to make a change. When you understand the two options you have – to buy ethically or not – you value the amazing work that ethical designers are responsible for.

Let’s celebrate those who stand up against modern slave labour, and support the independent Australian designers who put people before profit.

The Fashion Advocate x

The Australian ethical fashion community is making a positive global impact

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