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Exclusive Interview With ID Couture And The S Word

‘Stylist’ to be exact, and in the fashion realm, both the supply and demand are on the rise. I like to think Charles Frederick Worth was one of the original stylists but I can only make my own judgments from what I’ve read. He’s the so-called Father of Haute Couture, known for his impeccable taste in fashion, unique tailoring talents and most notably, his service dressing Empress Eugenie. He combined his love of fashion, and his personal sense of style with his knowledge of fit, cut and design to seamlessly clothe hundreds of women in the 1800’s.

Fast-forward 200 years and the word ‘stylist’ still seems to be somewhat mysterious and unknown. Kim Kardashian calls Kayne her personal stylist, but KIMYE are in their own category on this topic. Think Elizabeth Stewart or Leslie Fremar, who are just two of Vogue’s top 11 on the ‘Hollywood’s best stylists’ list. Or my own personal idol – Grace Coddington, whom Time Magazine rightfully named the ‘Michelangelo of fashion’.

Open to any page in Vogue or Harpers Bazaar, or look at 99% of red carpet outfits, movie set costumes, theatre costumes, any fashion shoot or music videos – that’s the work of a stylist, pulling together an outfit from top to bottom for a perfect finish.

Rachel Zoe coined the popularity of personal stylists in the late 2000’s with the release of her world best seller Style A to Zoe and lives by her own intrinsic rule, “Style is what one creates… Glamour is a state of mind.” Words of wisdom; style is something that is created, something we put together, or something that is influenced by something else. There’s only one exception to the rule – Erin Wasson – who (to the much deserved jealousy from women world wide) seems to have been born with hers. Bitch.

Outside of Hollywood and on our own Australian shores, personal stylists are now a very tangible and wondrous thing – and ID Couture is ours. I first worked with ID Couture at the Emerge Australia Fashion Precinct on July 5th, when we were graced with the presence of Gold Coast-based, Katherine Galvin.

ID Couture was founded by Tanja Mrnjaus in Melbourne over ten years ago and after a stream of successes and clearly happy fashion clients, it has now expanded on a global scale. They’re hands on and style clients from a broad range on the fashion spectrum, working their magic to perfectly piece together the fit, cut, colour and design of every outfit they touch. They work on a very personal and individual level to create a styled look that is noticeably, ID Couture.

“Styling is not just something we do; it’s the way we live.”

When you love what you do and you live what you preach, it’s not hard to be the best in the field. Just being around Katherine is a testament to her love for the industry, she lives, loves and breathes fashion, she’s gorgeous, funny and the kind of compare that seems to turn every head in the room and effortlessly draw a silent attention. Her warmness and approachability stems from her background in the airline industry but now in the fashion realm, she’s energetic, bubbly, the epitome of fashionable and just oozes her own chic sense of style. It’s no wonder; Clare Maxfield trained her, she’s a National Style Advisor for Fashion TV and also Pacific Fair’s most treasured attribute as its Resident Stylist. You’re in safe fashion hands with Miss Katherine Galvin. 

“I don’t believe in the saying, ONE SIZE FITS ALL, because it doesn’t. Everyone is different and I love spending the extra time to create the best looks to suit my client. Fashion is a very personal thing, its individual.”

Even when you think you have a handle on your wardrobe, we all need a little help sometimes. Visit ID Couture to book your own personal styling session and start making your wardrobe work for you, instead of working for your wardrobe.

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