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The Social Studio: Welcoming Atong Omoli’s SS15 Collection

There is no better time than the present to adopt a ‘fashion forward’ attitude when it comes to the issues of sustainability and ethicality in the fashion industry. After all, what is more forward thinking than considering the future itself? The Social Studio is a local Melbourne enterprise that is doing just that; promoting the art of looking good, ethically and sustainably.

With their own in-house label, an online store, a cute little café and an adjoining sewing workshop open to the public, The Social Studio has had far reaching effects since its establishment in 2009. Celebrating the style and skills of diverse cultures in Australia, it also offers professional development and opportunity for young members of the community who are in need of a voice or mode of expression.

Located on Smith Street in Collingwood, they could not have chosen a better location or community to welcome their fashion forward thinking, or their eclectic style for that matter. If you love bold prints, stand out pieces, one-off gems or statement finds that are fit to turn heads, then The Social Studio should be your next shopping stop, as it’s almost impossible to leave feeling dissatisfied or poorly dressed.

The most anticipated collection release causing hype on TSS’s white and wooden shelves is that of Atong Omoli’s SS15 collection, set to take to the stage on December 4th.

Although the base of the collection is designed in only a handful of hues, Atong’s use of silhouettes and overlaying patterns have created an enigmatic depth. Deep, sensual reds, rich forest greens, and fierce royal blues are sprawled across black and white backdrops, scrolling in repetitive patterns and prints. Atong has carefully combined the simplicity of timelessness in shape, with the energy of recurrence to produce a collection that can only be described as brilliant.

The entire collection is consistent, it flows from piece to piece with eloquence and it delivers a sense of warm-hearted satisfaction; giving the same effect of reading an absorbing book from cover to cover in one sitting. 

Atong’s chocolate-coated models act as the perfect temporary canvas to the array of fabrics too; as their long, thin, dark limbs dance under silhouettes of deep red dresses and patterned two-piece Lycra sets. An undulating neoprene strapless black dress draws downward into an asymmetrical hem, effortlessly cowling and curling underneath itself and around the body.

Illustrating a perfect collaboration between carefully curated colours, patterns and fabrics, Atong has experimented with contemporary styles and inspirations from her cultural background, successfully balancing the two to remain relevant and on trend.

As a young emerging designer, Atong has clearly demonstrated her irrefutable ability to produce uniquely abstract yet wearable designs, with an immaculate precision and utmost patience in execution.

If you’re anxiously anticipating the release just as much as we are – head down to The Social Studio on December 4th to bag yourselves an Atong Omoli original. 

The Fashion Advocate x


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