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I am a passionate environmentalist, but I’m also an avid fashion lover.

It’s not a match made in heaven considering the fashion industry is about to usurp oil as the most polluting industry. It’s something I struggle with daily; how can I so profoundly love something that is responsible for such devastating environmental impacts?

Instead of just quitting fashion, I’m trying to change it. I embrace sustainability. I empower people who are designing for positive change. I advocate for transparency. I am socially responsible. I put people before profits. Every post might be a pebble, but I’m starting somewhere, and it’s entirely possible for a small group of passionate people to change the world.

Not all fashion is ‘bad’, that’s the key.

My scarf is ethically made in Australia from silka natural, biodegradable fibre, and it’s printed with water-based non-toxic inks.

My dress is pre-loved from Harley Rose Vintage, and I'm a big pre-loved fashion fan. Every time you buy pre-loved fashion, you’re saving a garment from landfill, and you’re extending the garment lifestyle.

My boots are two seasons old, and I simply look after them and re-sole them when they need it. Yes, they're 'past' season! 

I’m even wearing 100% vegan Australian made cruelty-free makeup.

Knowing that 53,000,000 tonnes of clothing will be made worldwide this year, I’m determined to raise awareness about where they’ll end up. Sustainable fabrics are essential, recycling is critical, the earth is vital. We cannot live without it, but if we keep churning out and throwing away fashion the way we currently are, we won’t even have an earth to take advantage of.

What good is dressing impeccably if our air is so polluted we can’t step outside to show our outfit off? What good are ten pairs of swimmers if our oceans are so polluted with plastic that we can’t even swim in it? You get where I'm going with this; we cannot sustain our current consuming habits. We need to change our relationship with fashion, and we need to change it now.

It’s time we start caring for the earth and what we have, and that means thinking long-term about every wardrobe purchase. Buy well, shop local, think sustainably and consider your impacts as a consumer, because you do have the power to make a positive impact.

The Fashion Advocate x





  • You look gorgeous!!! I adore this outfit so much!
    I think it’s inspired me to do a little second hand shopping.
    We should tee up a thrift store date :)

    Luciana @ Lilt Blog

  • Thank you, Dad! You instilled my environmental values and I couldn’t be more grateful. When other kids were watching Saturday Disney, we were watching David Attenborough with you. When other kids were reading fairy tales, we were reading books about Africa and endangered animals. Thank you for teaching me to value the earth and to fight for what I believe is right. I love you!

    The Fashion Advocate

  • As a parent of such a passionate crusader for sustainable fashion it’s really eye opening to see just what is happening in our generation that many of us take for granted and are guilty of sometimes turning a blind eye and being too busy doing our own thing or overwhelmed that “I as one person cannot change that!” When in fact we all collectively can definitely change anything !! So when I see my children taking a stand for what they wholeheartedly believe in then who am I to stand in their way but one to back them up and get involved too where we all should have been all along. Together we can make a difference and as it has all been said already it starts with each and every one of us one garment at a time. So proud of my daughter standing up for what she is madly passionate about and getting things done when really is it up to our kids to correct what we all have let happen right before our eyes in this generation. Love your work ! You go girl !!! XX

    Chris Goldsworthy

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