Shio Designs

Shio Designs

We’ve uncovered yet another hidden Melbourne gem- Shio. Designed and made locally in Melbourne, the label recently released their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program. Self-confessed kuwaii-obessed design duo Fozia Akalo and Hannah Fry are inspired by all things Japanese and quirky.

Released on Friday 13th March, superstitions would have you believe that the evening was destined for a horror-film-worthy ordeal, however, the only element that paralleled a spooky plot was the unique short film that introduced the collection. In collaboration with The Social Studio, the pair brought into fruition a series of garments all branded with the same print. A print referred to as “Critters vs. Candy”, and yes, as delicious as it sounds. Shio captivated the entire room with lycra leggings and silk kimonos, brightly coloured squiggles and moving colours.

Minds and mouths were left to commentate on the aesthetics and method of delivery, and all were made with praise, of course. Jars of edible snakes littered the room, the sounds of highly regarded DJ Yo! Mafia reverberated from the walls and her fellow sneaker adorning followers enjoyed the nostalgic 90s party that unfolded.

The event itself was a reflection of an era that the design duo so obviously emulates in their fashion, from music choice to the fine details in each Shio garment, time warped and lingered. A 90s banger mix tape and a kuwaii Shio keyring were the take-home prizes of the evening, as were the memories reminisced from a decade that clearly hasn’t left our hearts.

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