It's a good idea to ask for help and find a mentor when you're growing an ethical and sustainable fashion brand.

For the first half of my ten year roller coaster ride running the largest online store for ethical and sustainable Australian and New Zealand fashion, my business and my personal life were a mess.

I was stressed, in debt, exhausted, and I was winging everything in business. I had no systems, I had no strategy, I had no plan - other than to save the world with fashion - and I just got through what I could, when I could.

It worked for five years, but eventually I crashed and burned, because when you don't run your business properly, it impacts your personal life, and the stress from 'winging a business' started to cause heart palpitations, anxiety and insomnia for me. From personal experience, I highly recommend not experimenting with the 'winging' method of running a business, but having a strategy and a mentor on the other hand, is something I can get behind.

At that crash and burn point in my life, I was forced to take a step back and dramatically change the way I was doing things. I started my journey into personal development and dug into my relationship with money. I set fierce sales goals for my staff. I set boundaries with my time. I started paying for business help. I started following a strategy, I leaned on my mentors (one of whom was Carla Zampatti), and I started flexing my business muscles with a proper plan.

Then I made over half a million dollars in a few short years, I got a hell of a lot happier, I was a hell of a lot less stressed, and I fell back in love with running my sustainable fashion business.

And that's what I want to be able to give to you - the strategies, plans and solutions to help you work smarter, not harder, so you can overcome your business challenges and succeed with your fashion business.

If you're running an ethical, sustainable, circular or slow fashion business and you're doing something good for the world, I've got time for you. I want to help you.

Book a FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY session here and bring your challenges with you so we can solve them together.

Claire x

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The Fashion Advocate ethical sustainable circular slow fashion business strategy mentor online course marketing how to

I spent my first five years in business stressed and in debt.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or if you're not making enough sales to survive, you're not alone. I've been there.

I was exhausted and I wanted to quit.

Then I worked out a strategy that dramatically changed my business, increased my sales, and saved me time. I want to share it with you!


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    To build a successful, sustainable and profitable fashion business, you have to empower yourself with knowledge and learn from others in the industry. I ran one of the largest online stores for ethical and sustainable fashion for over a decade, and I learned the ins and outs and the rights and wrongs of building a business. Now I'm sharing my strategies on my blog so you can take what you need to grow!



    The only difference between a big fashion business and a small fashion business is a different skillset. Everything your competitors know - you can learn. My online courses and masterclasses are specifically designed for ethical and sustainable fashion brands, labels and businesses, so you can build your skillset, level up, fast-track your success and increase your impact.