Learn from the industry's best ethical and sustainable fashion business founders with The Fashion Advocate's LIVE interviews.

I live, love and breathe sustainable fashion and I know we can use fashion as a force for good, so I want to share solutions to help you increase your impact and increase your sales. I am a big believer in up-skilling, and that means investing in yourself and your business to improve what you need to. 

I also believe in constantly learning, and it's what my weekly LIVE Instagram interviews are all about. I speak with incredible guests doing amazing things in the fashion industry, and we talk about all things fashion, business, sustainability, sales and growth.

My Instagram LIVE chats are a source of inspiration and they're conversations full of growth tips, industry insight, and tried and tested methods from ethical, sustainable, circular and slow fashion brands. 

We need to succeed as a community of slow fashion brands if we’re going to change the world, and that means sharing wisdom and sharing strategies to support each other.

This blog post is your business cheat sheet and link-list of LIVE sessions that you can absorb to up-skill, broaden your mind and take what you need to grow your own ethical, sustainable, circular or slow fashion business.

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And remember, knowledge is power!

Janice Breen Burns, Founder of Voxfrock and local Australian fashion industry icon, on all things PR and media, the power of finding your slow fashion community and why it's important to sing to your own tune.

Danielle Abery-Miller, founder of Sanct, on what it's like to run a slow fashion business with a chronic illness, how to create your own definition of success, and why it's important to make sustainable clothes that the world actually needs. 

Lottie Woods, sustainable fashion design expert on the importance of tech packs and reducing waste, what true sustainable design really means, and why finding the right design partners to work with is important. 

Meriel Chamberlin, Founded of Full Circle Fibres and textile technologist on supply chain traceability, true sustainability and why quality design is essential in the fashion industry.

Simone Agius, Founder of Melbourne-based leather label Simetrie, on why having a strategy is essential, the pitfalls of not pricing properly, and how to come back from burnout in business. 

Sarah Knop, sustainability and social justice advocate, on all things ethical wages and modern slave labour, the opportunities for emerging slow fashion brands, and why collaborating is more important than competing. 

Eva Cassis, Founder and Designer of self-titled slow fashion label Eva Cassis, on the power of community, how she's lasted more than a decade in the fashion industry, and why she chooses to make 'one size' garments.

Amber Hodgman, Head of Medley Jewellery, on ethical sourcing, circularity in the jewellery industry, and why sustainable values matter. 

Claire Goldsworthy (me!), founder of The Fashion Advocate, on overcoming obstacles in business, recovering from $18,000 in business debt, and how to survive setbacks.

Kirstie Clements, the ex-editor of Vogue Australia, on what it takes to survive in the fashion industry, how to land yourself in Vogue, and what not to do in fashion.

Kerry Pietrobon from Harlow on a pre-sale business model, overcoming sales slumps in the fashion industry and why investing time into your customers is important.

Karishma Kasabia from Kholo on being a size-inclusive label, what to do when you make a big PR mistake, and building an Instagram community of customers.

Jane Elliot from Brighter Day on running a fashion business with cancer, why self-care is so important, and how to find your target customers.

Angela Bell from Ethical Clothing Australia on the issues in the fast fashion industry, the opportunities for Australian labels to do the right thing, and why ethics matter so much. 

Rachael Calvert from Marvell Lane Swim on filling a gap in the fashion market, the pros and cons of swimwear and why authenticity is key for growth.

Hannah Klose from Never Ever Pay Retail on the consumer relationship with pre-loved fashion, why thrifting is important and how to be a sustainable fashion advocate.

Yolanda Finch from Melbourne Fashion Festival on all things fashion week, trends in the Australian fashion industry and what it's like to juggle the country's largest fashion event.

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