One in three consumers now boycott unethical brands.

If you’re running a fashion business and NOT thinking about your ethical or sustainable impact, you’re losing money.

Crazy right?

Once upon a time, cutting corners in your supply chain and choosing ‘cheap over sustainable’ meant more for the bottom line. But not anymore, no no no.

According to the latest Deloit research, 66% of consumers are happy to spend MORE on sustainable products.

46% of shoppers also want brands to be more transparent, and one in three consumers now boycott unethical brands.

It’s a big shift in the fashion world, but a much-needed one.

Shoppers want to do the right thing, but doesn’t that mean a decrease in profits for fashion businesses? No way, it actually means the opposite if you’re prepared to do the work.

If you’re still shipping with plastic, switch to sustainable packaging and tell your customers about it. They’ll want to buy MORE from you.

If you have no idea what wages are being paid in your supply chain, do the research and establish fair trade or ethical practices and tell your audience about it. People WANT to feel good about their purchases.

If you’re not transparent about your sourcing, tell your customers you’re on a journey towards better and take them with you. They’ll appreciate your honesty and support your brand for longer.

These are the kinds of changes I want to help you navigate.

Being ethical and sustainable does NOT mean making less money in your fashion business. I’m all about pairing profit with purpose so that we can collectively create positive social and environmental change - which means making more money. The more money we make, the more positive change we can create, so I want to see your fashion business thrive.

The whole thing can be overwhelming though, I know. Ethical, sustainable, impact, purpose, vegan, transparent… there’s a lot to consider, but it’s what The Fashion Advocate is here for. It’s a little black book for conscious fashion business founders who want to use their businesses as a force for good and change the world through fashion.

Learn more about my ethical, sustainable, circular and slow fashion online masterclass courses here and let’s change the world through fashion – together. 

Claire x

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