If you're going to spend time and money creating a unique slow fashion brand, you need to protect it!

When you're working with multiple suppliers and partners to launch and grow your slow fashion business, it's important to cover all your bases, protect yourself, and make sure you're on the same page with the people you work with.

What you've created is truly unique, and you want to keep it that way.

The Fashion Supplier Non-Disclosure and Working Agreement will cover you from IP theft, it'll protect your ideas from being copied, it'll ensure your suppliers know what they can and can't do with the information you give them, and ultimately, you'll protect your business.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and working agreement is essential to have with fashion manufacturers and partners for several reasons, especially in the context of ethical and sustainable fashion where unique designs and processes are often a key selling point.

NDAs and working agreements are crucial for the following reasons. 

Protecting Intellectual Property
NDAs safeguard your design concepts, proprietary techniques, and any other confidential information related to your fashion products. This is particularly vital in the fashion industry, where innovative designs and sustainable practices can set you apart from competitors.

Preventing Copying or Replication
Fashion manufacturers may work with multiple brands, and without an NDA, there's a risk that they could replicate your designs or processes for other clients. This not only harms your brand's uniqueness but can also dilute the value of ethical and sustainable practices you've developed.

Maintaining Competitive Advantage
By keeping your designs and sustainable techniques confidential, you maintain a competitive edge. In the fashion industry, staying ahead of trends and maintaining exclusivity can be crucial for success.

Building Trust
Ethical and sustainable fashion often involves collaboration with manufacturers who share your values. Having an NDA in place demonstrates your commitment to protecting their interests as well, fostering trust in the partnership.

Legal Recourse
If a manufacturer breaches the terms of the NDA by disclosing your confidential information, you have a legal basis for seeking damages or an injunction to stop further disclosure. This legal protection is invaluable in cases of intellectual property theft.

Negotiating Leverage
An NDA can also be a negotiating tool. It ensures that both parties understand the importance of confidentiality, making it more likely that the terms of your partnership will be respected.

Peace of Mind
Knowing that your ideas and sustainable practices are legally protected can provide peace of mind. It allows you to focus on growing your brand and developing new designs without constant worry about information leaks.

Standard Industry Practice
In the fashion industry, it's common for brands to use NDAs when working with manufacturers. It's a standard practice that demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to protecting your brand's integrity.

What does this agreement include?


    The NON-DISCLOSURE AND WORKING AGREEMENT contract includes global coverage terms, so you can use this with local and international suppliers. It's important to cover your business from start to finish, so you can use this for pattern makers, graphic designers, samplers and manufacturers.


    The NON-DISCLOSURE AND WORKING AGREEMENT is an editable Word document that you can change each time you start working with a new supplier. Simply make your changes, save it as a PDF and send it to your new supplier or partner before you start working with them. You can use this over and over with new suppliers.


    The NON-DISCLOSURE AND WORKING AGREEMENT includes all the necessary legally binding terms and inclusions to protect your IP (intellectual property) and protect your brand. It also includes working terms to make sure your suppliers deliver what you've paid for, so you can protect your money too!

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