2015 Whitehouse Institute of Design Graduate Exhibition

2015 Whitehouse Institute of Design Graduate Exhibition

Whitehouse Institute of Design is arguably one of the best fashion institutions in Australia. Their reputation is underpinned by a unique learning culture that supports innovation and creativity built on high levels of academic discipline. In 2013, Whitehouse celebrated 25 years in Design Education – an incredible feat for anything or anyone in an industry so competitive.

Founder Leanne Whitehouse is also a member of the Australian Fashion Chamber (AFC) Board of Directors, so it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing when it comes to training the next generation of fashion designers. Famed Whitehouse graduates include Mariam Seddiq, Nat Taubman, Nicola Dunn and the ever popular, Yeojin Bae.

I spoke with Leanne in depth about her year and what the last few weeks were like in the lead up to the event, and, overcome by both excitement and exhaustion, Leanne couldn’t have been any prouder of this year’s graduates. “It’s like seeing your own children grow up each year, it’s just so inspiring to be a part of each student’s creative journey. It’s the differences that we see in every student and the individual way they each communicate ‘fashion’, that make this industry such a beautiful one to work in.”

The 2015 Whitehouse Institute of Design Melbourne Graduate Exhibition and Parade revealed a very promising future for our industry. I spent the night sipping away on celebratory champagne and catching up with Melbourne’s fashion family and left utterly inspired by this year’s graduates.

Amidst the generally high standard of student work, I was most impressed with the number of menswear collections, the high level of workmanship, and the presence of one extremely stunning couture collection. Other highlights included lingerie label Salt and Ripple, leather label Millie Grimshaw Designs, white-washed and layered label Demi Galloway and a gangster-inspired street style label, Sous.

Thinking about studying fashion? Find out more at www.whitehouse-design.edu.au.

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