BRANDLESS launches in Melbourne

BRANDLESS launches in Melbourne

As an advocate for Australian fashion, I see many brands come and go, but few that launch with such a strong message as BRANDLESS. The men’s underwear brand coins itself ‘the brand for those who refuse to be branded’, and its message is loud and clear.

BRANDLESS underwear is about taking pride in your appearance, celebrating your own body, and taking care of the world around you. It’s an intimate revolution, it’s the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off; it’s a daily reminder of the positive impact that fashion can have.

Each pair of BRANDLESS underwear is entirely handcrafted in Melbourne from locally sourced fabrics, and each collection is a limited run of a mere 20-30 pairs per design, so not only will your buns will be grateful for wearing ethical and sustainable underwear, but you’ll feel better about yourself too. BRANDLESS offer customizable options for those with a little more, a little less, and even a ladies cut for those who like to embrace their feminine side.

Until BRANDLESS releases a ladies collection, all I can do is support them by spreading the word, and it’s a message that I am proud to be sending out. BRANDLESS have collaborated with local artist, Matto Lucas, whose work focuses on reflecting a positive body image within society, so as to reinforce a confident, healthy and realistic body image for men. Let’s face it, I know you’re all not Chris Hemsworth’s or Brad Pitt’s, and that’s more than ok, because I’m no Angelina, so rather than arguing with the mirror every morning in your underwear, pop a pair of these on and embrace what you’ve got boys.

Shake your behind down to the launch party and celebrate a positive body image with me and bag yourself some great undies from a Melbourne brand making a difference.
The Launch Party

6-8pm Wednesday 9th December

The Wilde, 153 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

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