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Coco and Max are unconventional. They always have been and they always will be. Pushing boundaries is all in a day's work for Coco and Max, and their upcoming Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival event is a perfect example of their artistic approach to fashion.

'Future Chaos x Future Wild' is a multidisciplinary exhibition which blurs the line between art and fashion, showcasing the brand's ethos of unique design, slow fashion and fair local trade. Held at Brunswick Street Gallery, the exhibition will be divided into two sections to depict the opposing Coco and Max universes of light and dark, surreal pop and brutalist futurism.

The first gallery, ‘Future Chaos', will represent Coco’s persona, a vibrant landscape playing with unique in-house fabric prints. Viewers can expect to experience the patterns coming to life through 3D and 2D activations, complete with pink daisy disco balls and rainbow swirls.

The second gallery, 'Future Wild', will represent Max’s persona, a dark environment which captures the mood of the brutalist, with geometric designs underpinning Max’s universe.

Designer Tess Arnold hopes the exhibition will offer an insight into her Melbourne based label Coco and Max, and highlight local manufacturing too. With over 15 years’ experience in the fashion industry, her vision is to create a premium streetwear brand that pushes boundaries aesthetically while utilising sustainable local manufacturing.

“We want to encourage people to buy great quality pieces that are designed to last season after season. We’re proud to be different and we want our customers to express their individuality through our clothing too. Every garment I design has multiple functionalities to keep up to date with the speed of living. All of our garments are made out of high-end sports fabric, so they can be be worn from dawn till disco. Whether you're going for a run, chasing your children around, or just getting back from a festival, you'll radiate in comfort and style with our Coco and Max pieces.”

Opening March 1st at the Brunswick Street Gallery, 'Future Chaos x Future Wild' is an official event of the 2018 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Fashion Program. 

For details, hit up cocoandmax.com.au.

The Fashion Advocate x

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Coco and Max fashion exhibition The Fashion Advocate

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Coco and Max fashion exhibition The Fashion Advocate

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