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Over three weeks in March every single year, the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival celebrates fashion, arts, ideas and creative endeavours. It presents some of Australia’s best established and emerging designers, state of the art productions, beauty workshops, retail events, industry seminars, forums, live entertainment and much more.

The launch of this year’s VAMFF Fashion Start-Up Lounge will address the looming issues of ethics, sustainability and collaboration in fashion. This is no fancy skim-the-surface just-for-looks stuff either; the Fashion Start-Up Lounge events will delve deep into the problems we face as an industry, and highlight the changes we need to make to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Australian fashion.

On Thursday March 1st, I’ll be joining several industry professionals for the GFX Sustainability Panel to talk about online fashion, sustainability, collaboration, market shifts and the greater good – and I would love you to join in on the conversation.

Alongside Kate Luckins (The Clothing Exchange), Jade Arnott (Arnsdorf), Andrea Spencer-Cooke (SDG Expert), Priya Saratchandran (Human Rights Expert) and Camille Reed (Australian Circular Fashion Conference), I’ll be opening up about the ugly side of fashion, the truths and cold hard facts, the issues and the problems – so that we can create solutions and start making positive changes. We can only make a measurable difference when we understand the true impact of our consuming habits, and to do that, we need to have open and honest conversations as an industry.

This is not about trends, this is not about who’s wearing what, this is about sustainability and collaboration, and if you’re not up with it, you need to be. Buy your $10 ticket via VAMFF and prepare to be educated, engaged, inspired and motived to drive change at next week's panel.

The Fashion Advocate x


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  • Hey Luci! I will definitely let you know next time I’m speaking somewhere, it was heaps of fun! Very important topic and some great crowd questions too. Claire x

    The Fashion Advocate

  • I am so so so sad I missed this!
    Can’t wait ti hear all about it.


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