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Dr Strange Hitting Big

Meet Rachel Lee Perks, the zombie brains behind Dr Strange and creator of ‘Wearables for Weirdos’. The Melbourne based label only launched in February this year but they’re moving in leaps and bounds, prepping to run the entire country. This isn’t the first time Rachel has been in the spotlight: after graduating from the Whitehouse Institute of Fashion in Sydney, she featured on Project Runway Season 3. Moving to Melbourne shortly after to cultivate her love of eccentric styles, Dr Strange was born.  

Specializing in street wear and active wear – leggings, hot pants, tees, singlets and hoodies – Dr Strange also dabbles in custom made-to-measure pieces for the most concerted of gym junkies. Self professed as ‘Every day wear with a quirky twist, a visual elixir for the strange individual’, Dr Strange is injecting an exciting new formula into the fashion industry, recreating workout wear with a Frankenstein-istic twist. Dr Strange works under their ‘left brain-right brain’ philosophy, appealing to both sides of the fitness mind. Their monochromic tees and trackies suit the left brained analytical folks, and their bright print and patterned hot pants suit the bold right-siders.  

Launching from very humble beginnings selling one-off pieces and making the hard slog at market stalls, Dr Strange has come a long way – and quickly. After a successful collaboration with Alternative Woman’s Fitness (women’s group fitness sessions for punk rock lovers), the show took to the road and has been sprinting ever since. Stepping in to handle the helm, Kaiti Yo, Rachel’s housemate and biggest supporter, joined the team. Kati sews, assists in design and also manages social media – a key component of Dr Strange’s extensive online community following, otherwise known as ‘Strangelings’.

Just last month Dr Strange hit the runway at RAW: Scope, showcasing to thousands at the Melbourne Pavilion and launching their latest line, AZTEKNOLOGY with the help of theirPozzible funding. Dr Strange is proud to embody a ‘Made in Melbourne’ philosophy, creating piece by piece to the highest of standards. After the success of their most recent showcase and with the financial support from their fans and followers, Dr Strange can now continue running the fashion race.

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