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Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane Group Show

Wrapping up another successful year for Queensland fashion, the Mercedes-Benz Group Show served as a platform for the experienced. Talulah, Pistols At Dawn, George Wu, Jack Sullivan, Michelangelo, Chetcuti and Urbbana embody a passion for design that the principle partner, Mercedes-Benz, reflects itself.

Chetcuti charmed the audience with a stand-out collection unlike any other, delivering new and experimental silhouettes on a usually-tamed formal market. Rich, royal colours and lavish textiles were layered together to present a very tactile and tangible range of gowns. Abstract lines, sheer fragments, and asymmetrical designs put quite the spin on the traditional. Daring, strong and striking, Chetcitu’s new collection is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Staying true to his couturier ways, George Wu showcased yet another effortlessly celestial, full-length and feminine collection, in a classic gentle beige and monochrome pallet. Intricate hand-stitched details, fine beading, delicate lace and sensuous sheers dominated the tailored range of formal gowns. 

Jack Sullivan raised the hemline for the evening, showing a little leg and a lot of sheer for a feisty take on wedding and formal attire. A traditional pallet of black, white, cream and red ruled the collection, along with tuelle layers, beading, lace applique and princess cuts.

Spicing up the accessories industry with the recent launch of a flagship store on the Gold Coast, Michelangelo showcased a very fun, flirtatious and vibrant collection of leather handbags, clutches and totes. Mixing it up with bright embroidery, bold colour blocks and a little bling, Michelangelo’s Australian debut was well received.

Pistols At Dawn delivered a very charming and handsome collection, split with a range of Sport-Luxe strong active pieces, and serious double breasted and tailored dapper suits. Heavily inspired by the 1930’s, the Pistols At Dawn showcase was i always one step ahead in tailoring.

Urbbana showcased a very similar heritage look, reflecting a suave Sunday afternoon at the boat club. Refined 3-piece suits, complete with bow tie and pocket-squares, immaculate straight line tailoring and powerful royal colours – Urbanna is serious about suiting. 

Not far from the recent New York Fashion Week collections of Michael Kors and Kate Spade, the new Talulah range is perfectly on trend. Always a crowd-pleasing and fresh favourite, Talulah showcased oversized florals, chic two-piece ensembles, pencil cuts and flattering décolletage lines.

Sheer fabrics
Princess lines
Tailored fits 
Royal colours

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