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Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Emerging Designer Group Show

Returning for the 9th year this year, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane played host to a creative array of launch events, including a Fashion Luncheon, a Lifeline Pop-Up Shop, a Luxury Fashion Forum and our point of interest: the Emerging Designer Group Show.

Queensland is a treasure trove of talented designers and tonight’s MBFF showcased some of it’s best.

Begitta stayed true to it’s soft and feminine ways, highlighting tones of white and beige, working in delicate sheer lace, tulle and a contrasting mix of cheeky short lengths and classic long lines.

Otim Ajalia broke away from the usual safe colours for menswear and introduced a unique new take on the traditional suit. Patterns, colours, prints and geometric designs were very dominant. Mustard and peach tones were strong, especially in shirts and jackets and the addition of printed pants tied this collection together. Otim Ajalia has launched into the market on the right foot with such a bold and charismatic collection.

Anna Hulm is never too concerned with Winter and rightfully so; breezy Summer days and hot Summer nights are perfectly reflected by her casual and carefree collections. Beautiful new trims, flowing skirts and new prints fit in perfectly with the relaxed style of Brisbane and set the scene for a fresh Summer to come. Anna’s collection playfully experimented with new silhouettes and feminine tailoring.  

Very girlish and playful trends had dominated the runway until A Jacksonian Era appeared, bringing a darker side to the evening’s events. Elaborate masks and dark angel wings painted a picture of the full collection and added a hint of girly-grunge to City Hall. Lace, trims, details and another sight of mustard yellow on the runway; all strong trends in the coming months.

Emu Designs showcased a very unique collection of swim and resort pieces, with bright contrasting colours and geometric prints to lift the Winter woes. Powerfully challenging the traditional shapes of swimwear, Emu Designs incorporated some great new silhouettes and a creative use of props to complete the collection.

Peony Swimwear delivered a slightly more subdued collection, focusing on traditional bikini cuts and safe prints for a timeless look. The highlight of this set was a Tartan bikini, a great use of a Winter print in a Summer scenery.

Suzii K opened with a very strong yet ethereal piece, setting the mood for the rest of her collection. Parallel lines, blunt shapes and very confident silhouettes were offset by the gentle use of white tones and draped fabrics. A very edgy and street-ready collection. 

Stepping away from the very defined Spring/Summer feeling so far, Stokes Thompson Designs showcased a classic collection of gowns in brown, beige, red and aqua, tied together by its whimsical, feminine and dreamy feel.

Erin Hassall experimented with digital prints and urban notions, showcasing new lines and new looks for the brand. A few traditional coastal pieces crept in, contrasting with the tailored side to the collection and balancing a very functional and wearable wardrobe.

Feminine and draped silhouettes
Geometric prints
Shortened lengths for men

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