Grace & Able is a social enterprise fashion label with a big heart

Every now and again, a social enterprise with a big heart reaches out to me. Most of my emails are fashion-related, and all of my emails are related to ethical or sustainable goodness, but occasionally, I am introduced to brands who are making a serious global impact. I take my hat off to them. I bow down to them. I wholeheartedly appreciate them.

It is one thing to make ethical and sustainable fashion, crafting for the greater good, but it is another to be a social enterprise, lifting women up and out of poverty, helping them to rebuild their lives and supporting their positive futures. Grace & Able is a brand of the latter, and they are actively ending poverty through their creative business.

More than two billion people live in poverty worldwide, surviving on less than $1 a day, but Grace & Able combat this social issue with every sale, by equipping, empowering and enabling marginalised people through the creation of jobs and opportunities. Every Grace & Able piece tells the story of the artisan who thoughtfully handmade it, and every piece makes a difference.

Through development and training, Grace & Able also work with their global community of artisans to empower them and educate them on financial sustainability, health, well-being and personal empowerment. I say it often, but the age-old saying is true for the beautiful work that Grace & Able do; give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

If you’re new to social enterprise fashion, or a non-believer who thinks looking good and doing good simultaneously can’t be done, Grace & Able proves it can be - in spades.

To support women in need and shop the Grace & Able range, head to

The Fashion Advocate x

Grace and Able social enterprise fashion Australia

Grace and Able social enterprise fashion Australia

Grace and Able social enterprise fashion Australia

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