ISSUE 03 of The Fashion Advocate magazine is out now

The Fashion Advocate magazine ISSUE 03 is out now

Deep down I’m a princess, but it conflicts with my values when it comes to ethical fashion. On the one hand, I love sparkly and shiny things, big dresses and little details, and on the other, I don’t like to over-consume, I don’t like extravagance for the sake of it, and I’m an advocate of fashion for a purpose.

But, the latter doesn’t mean a girl still can’t dream. My mother has several photos of me as a child after I’d snuck into her makeup drawer and made a mess. I loved dressing up, donning red lipstick and pretending to be a princess and I don’t think it’s something any woman every truly grows out of. We all have our fantasies and dreams, and mine are all about fashion.

The couture and bespoke world is one that has always fascinated me. Maybe because I can make my own clothes, I understand the time, love and dedication it takes to complete a handmade piece. Machines and multiples are of no use in the bespoke process. Slow, painstaking hours and a deep passion for the finished product are the tools used in couture and tailor-made items, and it is this organic process that inspires me. The couture world is magical, and it’s where clothing truly does become art.

Issue 03 of The Fashion Advocate magazine pays homage to our local creators and makers who are slowly stitching the image of Australian couture and bespoke fashion together. Centuries old, the art of couture, bespoke and handmade fashion is driving the industry in Australia now more so than ever. As we become aware of the fashion industry and its impacts, we look to the brands who are creating and making differently. Dion Lee, Maticevski and Carla Zampatti are the names the nation knows, but it’s the burgeoning brands in this issue that deserve the real spotlight.

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