Julia Logvin Couture is a testament to ethical lingerie at its best and a sustainable bedroom staple

Julia Logvin Couture is a testament to ethical lingerie at its best and a sustainable bedroom staple

Quality lingerie is a decadent treat and a little luxury that every woman should own - even if only one piece. Lingerie should be cherished and admired, and when ethically and sustainably made, the right lingerie is a wardrobe staple that can be styled in and out of the bedroom too.

Julia Logvin's self-titled lingerie label, Julia Logvin Couture, is a testament to this, and a statement of ethical luxury at its best. Each piece of lingerie in the Australian-made collection is individually crafted by hand with sustainable and zero-waste principles at play; even the smallest off-cuts are used for the production of sleep masks, underwear, garters and lingerie bags.

The Gilded Rose Cherry Silk Chemise I'm wearing feels just as good as it looks, and it is every bit as delicate too. With shoe-string straps and hand-cut gold French lace appliquè adorning the neckline, this little number is truly something special. Cut on the bias and finished with a baby-roll hem, the Gilded Rose Chemise is an ethical investment, and it can leave the bedroom with boots and a turtleneck for a 90s Christina Applegate look, or wedges and a white tee for the perfect party piece.

Julia recently stepped away from her Sydney-based studio to share a little more about her daydreams of slumber luxury, and all things sustainable fashion... 

Why are you passionate about ethical fashion?

I have always been conscious of the effects we have on our planet since I was young and during the time I spent working in the fashion industry, I saw just how polluting and wasteful the process of garment manufacturing can be. And this wasn't even on the larger scale of textile and garment production. 

Soon after I graduated from Sydney's Fashion Design Studio, I knew that I wanted to eventually create a brand that was part of the solution, not the problem in the fashion industry. But at the time, I had no idea how I would approach this while still being able to create the things I loved. So I decided to take my time, research and understand those problems at their core before finding ethical solutions to do so.

Why is sustainability essential in the fashion industry?

Sustainability is something that we should all be conscious of and integrate into every possible aspect of our lives, not just in fashion. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the most wasteful and polluting industries of our time. The amount of resources it takes to produce and deliver a single piece of clothing is astounding! Our culture has become obsessed with consuming fashion at such a fast passed, mass scale, that we have become numb to the value of our clothing. How fashion is made, what it is made from, by whom and in what conditions, are all such important factors. I believe we are at a crucial point as a society, where we need to make a conscious decision to reconnect with our values and make positive changes through our buying habits.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I have always been an admirer of nature, art and interesting design in general. Since I can remember, beautiful clothes have captured my heart in a unique way. My earliest memories consist of dressing my dolls in the fabric off-cuts I was given as a child by my mother from her atelier. It was a creative wonderland that I could spend hours playing in. But now, understanding the effects that much of the fashion industry is having on this planet, I want to be part of the positive shift in the fashion industry that makes clothing ethically and sustainably, without polluting our planet. 

How did your designing journey begin?

Most of my life, I have been surrounded by clothing production in some way. My grandmother was a seamstress, and my mother always had a made to measure atelier throughout my childhood.

During my teens, I worked at my mother's bridal salon, where every dress was designed and custom made to order. This is where I learnt many couture techniques and hand finishes which I use now. I spent eight years learning about different fabrics, their drape, application, and how to fit and finish garments professionally.

Naturally, I went onto study fashion design, and after graduating, I was selected to showcase my debut collection at the 2014 Australian Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. After the show, I had many requests from international boutiques to stock my designs, but I knew what it would mean to go down the path of mass production. It was not something that I wanted to be part of, and I'm glad that I chose to take my time and work in the industry before finding a direction that I felt comfortable with.

About three years ago, I was preparing for my wedding and found myself looking for dressing gowns and lingerie. I wanted something unique, something special and something I would cherish for many years. I could not find anything that I liked, which met my needs. So I ended up making it all myself, and in doing so, it reignited my love for working with pure silks and delicate French laces. I knew right then that this is what I wanted to do, and everything just fell into place from there. 

How do shoppers react to your ethical approach to lingerie?

I have always had incredible support from my family and friends who encouraged me to keep pursuing design, for which I am very grateful! So when I launched Julia Logvin Couture as an ethical loungewear line, it made a lot of sense to everyone because they know my personal values. My customers appreciate that each item is made to order individually for them in an ethical and sustainable way. Sometimes I make personalised designs for custom orders and special occasions which is always very rewarding, as I am able to make something unique and one-off for my clients that they can cherish and love forever. Recently, I have had more requests for bridal designs, so this is something that I am currently working on extending as part of my range.

Indulge in a little piece of luxury and shop the Julia Logvin Couture range here, and with every order, you'll be treated to a free matching silk eye mask. 

The Fashion Advocate x

Julia Logvin Couture sustainable ethical Australian made luxury lingerie

Julia Logvin Couture sustainable ethical Australian made luxury lingerie

Julia Logvin Couture sustainable ethical Australian made luxury lingerie

Julia Logvin Couture sustainable ethical Australian made luxury lingerie

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