MFWPlus celebrates design, discourse and body positivity

MFWPlus celebrates design, discourse and body positivity

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus (MFWPlus) is a celebration of plus size culture, focusing on design, discourse and body positivity. Promoting the very best of fashion, business and creativity in an environment of inclusivity, diversity and thoughtfulness, MFWPlus was developed to support plus size fashion and body positivity on a global scale.

With a keen knowledge of the trends, market and demand of plus size fashion in Australia, the team at MFWPlus aim to create a world class week of events in Melbourne to highlight the amazing breadth of talent and design available to plus size women, while promoting the concept of positive body image in an industry that is not often welcoming of differing body shapes. With events catering to women size 14 and up, MFWPlus will combine informative talks, body positive classes and interactive online content with a three-day program of fashion runways. Dedicated to bringing together plus size women, designers and businesses in a forum of inclusivity, diversity and celebration, on par with international fashion events worldwide, MFWPlus is dedicated to sharing the belief that fashion should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of their size, shape or style.

By using a mix of trained street and professional models in sizes ranging from 14 to 26, MFWPlus promotes inclusion and representation in the fashion industry.

For more information and tickets, visit MFWPlus.

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