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Putting the Right Foot Forward: The Importance of Heels

After recently moving from Queensland to Melbourne, I’ve been faced with a major shoe change. North of the border, thongs, flip-flops and slides are a part of everyday life and are an acceptable shoe choice for most casual occasions. South of the border in Melbourne, not so much.

In just one week I’ve noticed that Melbournians take a lot of pride in their everyday footwear, and I’m all for it – I have a shoe collection that spans two built in wardrobes and then some – so I thought it only fitting that I should share my own favourites. I’m also a big advocate of comfort and quality when it comes to heels and if you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them, so only the best have made my top 5.

1. A good quality staple black heel

Every woman should own a good quality staple black heel. An absolute wardrobe must have, a comfortable black heel will have you putting your best foot forward at job interviews, weddings, on your first date – if your outfit requires an understated yet thought out and finished touch, head straight for your black heels. My favourites? Siren Shoes – the JULIETTE.

2. The perfect party heel

An amazing party heel should be sturdy – if there’s champagne involved, you want a solid heel that won’t give way or send you sideways. Your go-to party heels should be relatively neutral in colour but striking in design, to easily match a number of outfits and styles. An open toe will suit a range of lengths, an ankle strap will support you in those wee hours of the morning, and a comfortable sole will keep you dancing all night long. My favourites? Jeffrey Campbell Holiday Mesh Platforms.

3. The perfect Sunday brunch wedge

Wedges are versatile: they’re cute, they’re comfortable and they’re the perfect day-to-night pair for those afternoon coffee catch-ups that turn into dinner and drinks. What I love most about wedges is their practicality for daywear and their comfort; I can spend hours in wedges and feel as though I’ve been bare foot all day. The perfect Sunday brunch wedge is a must have – casual but not too casual, less formal than a heel and perfect with just about everything in your wardrobe. My favourites? Wittner Nude Leather Wedges.

4. A staple Winter boot

Especially in Melbourne, a staple Winter knee-high boot will come in handy for more than half the year. I’ve loved boots for as long as I’ve loved shoes, and the right pair of boots (but not stiletto patent leather thigh highs) is one of the sexiest statements you can make. I’m a fan of all lengths and I own a few in black and tan, leather and suede. They work with a structured white shirt dress, they work with tights and jeans, they work with skirts, they work with just about everything but maxi dresses, and they’re practical when it comes to Winter weather. My favourites? Steve Madden Black TYGA Boots.

5. That one special pair

Let’s face it, the right pair of shoes can make or break your day, literally, and whilst comfort is always on the top of my heel checklist, I do have a few pairs hidden away for when those wow moments are in need. They may not go with everything, they may not be comfortable for the whole day, and they may have cost a small fortune – but – what they are is special. My favourites? Just about anything from Jimmy Choo.

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