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Kyah’s Summer Essentials

It may be overcast in Melbourne today, but the sun isn’t going anywhere this season! Kyah’s top 5 Summer must-haves will have you armed and ready for those long balmy days and cool party nights.

1. The Beach People – Majorelle Round Towel

If you live on the coastline, it’s inevitable that you will surrender to the soothing sounds of Australian waves and the hypnotizing, water-laden horizon this Summer. With such a prevalent beach culture in Oz and with some of the most unique beaches in the world to enjoy on our door step, setting up for a long day at the beach has to include the essentials: a killer bikini and an amazing beach towel. The Beach People have nailed it completely with their Original Round Towel and the Majorelle print is the perfect addition to your boho beach get up. Its intricate pattern and colour palette will have you sitting pretty in the sun all season long.

2. Timi Alaere – YES ITS ME Lace Trim Mini Skirt 

Keeping it short is ideal when temperatures regularly rise to 35+ degrees. At times, the blaring sun and relentless heat can hinder your style and keep you caged to the utter simplicity of short shorts and a tank top. An Australian Summer backdrop is just too picturesque to waste, so instead, throw on this Timi Alaere ‘Yes it’s me’ lace trim mini to keep your summer wardrobe fabulous and weather practical. The boldness of the print cries to be paired with nothing but sheer minimalism. To cruise into a beautiful summer’s night, throw on some strappy-heeled sandals and turn heads with your effortless simplicity and Summer style.

3. Karen Walker – Praise Maker Sunglasses in Turquoise and Gold 

Blaring sun means squinty eyes unless of course, you make the leap and invest in a pair of sunglasses that will leave their mark on any and every outfit. A good pair of sunglasses can be really expensive, which means they should be a well thought out investment. You simply cannot go wrong with any Karen Walker piece, but my pick for your peepers this Summer are the ‘Praise Maker’ sunglasses in turquoise and gold. The striking stand-out colour scheme will give a little edge to those days in plain white tees and jeans, and they’ll perfectly complete any bright, summer inspired outfit.

4. Eyeko – Eye Do Mascara

Makeup is a nightmare on a 35-degree day; you’re sticky, you’re constantly blotting and quite frankly, foundation has become a liability. If you want to avoid the hassle of frequent bathroom visits just to check the shine status, or to reapply what makeup the sun has distorted, it's time to change your makeup plan. Let your skin go nude and sport a natural, healthy glow, with some bold lashes for a little glam. Eyeko ‘Eye Do’ mascara is my absolute makeup must-have this summer: it lengthens and strengthens your eyelashes while you’re turning heads in all your natural glory.

5. Vintage Muse – Shea Butter

I love the feeling of soft, supple skin and the look of a sun kissed glow. Catching rays is an instant pick me up but the Australian sun can sometimes be harsh and leave your skin dry and damaged. Vintage Muse Shea Butter is the cake that we can have and eat too: it’s 100% pure unrefined Shea Butter, 100% fair trade, it comes in an eco-friendly recyclable ceramic bowl and contains no animal fats, testing ingredients or chemicals. With its origins in Ghana, West Africa, it comes as no surprise what you can expect from such a deeply nourishing product and you’ll find more than one use for it too. Use it in your hair for a little TLC after a day in the beaming sun or mix it with some sunscreen before you step out to moisturize while you protect your skin from sun damage.

The Fashion Advocate x

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