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I know I speak for hundreds of thousands of global women on this topic because it’s a conversation I’ve had with my girlfriends countless times; why is it so taboo for females to take control of their bodies, their sex lives and their choices by having condoms on hand? Safe sex is still archaically considered a male’s duty, but it shouldn’t be. It takes two to tango, and it’s a responsibility that both parties should take seriously.

Self-respect is every bit as important as the other essentials you carry in your handbag too. Every woman needs a good lipstick, a signature scent, and respect for her body, and that means being prepared. A recent study on condom habits shows that only 32 per cent of women feel comfortable buying condoms, but why? We should feel confident and proud to be looking after our bodies and our sexual health, and we definitely shouldn’t be embarrassed about the topic.

Moments Condoms is calling on Australians to join the #MomentsMovement and support young women to talk openly about condom use, empowering them to make informed choices with confidence, and to celebrate and protect their sexual health. They’re also determined to make a difference outside the bedroom by donating a percentage of profits to the McGrath Foundation, and condoms to the International AIDS Society to support education and outreach initiatives on World AIDS Day.

Let’s empower each other and take control of our sexuality and sexual health, because self-protection is all about self-love, and that is something that will never go out of style. Visit momentscondoms.com.au and know your worth. 

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