The epitome of functional and fashionable design

PANT ACTIVE is Melbourne's go-to activewear label, boasting a bright point of difference with the help of some of Australia's best street artists. They're the epitome of functional and fashionable design, and in our modern world where the lines are blurred between fashion and art, PANT ACTIVE seamlessly balances both.

Previous collaborations have produced standout prints from the likes of well-known artists Ruskidd, Erin Greer, George Rose and Silk Roy, and Co-Founder Brenton Loh couldn't be prouder of the reputation PANT ACTIVE has built. He calls himself the 'Main Dude slash Owner', and he can't wait to reveal the brand's next range.

Explain to our readers what PANT ACTIVE is?
Pant Active is a Melbourne-based activewear label created by my sister and myself back in 2016. The idea was to combine the two things we love: activity and creativity! We collaborate closely with urban artists to create limited runs of high-performance activewear featuring original artwork. All of our gear is made right here in Australia too.

Was there a lightbulb moment or was it a series of events that inspired the launch of PANT ACTIVE?
Probably a series of events followed by that light bulb moment. A friend worked in the fashion industry which gave us some exposure to the process of designing and creating clothes. We grew up in Melbourne, which is a creative hub, so a bunch of our friends were already street artists, and the idea of collaborating with them seemed like a fun thing to do. Over a beer one day, we realised we could create something special and unique for the fitness industry while also collaborating with artists and celebrating their work, and PANT ACTIVE was born.

Why do you collaborate with Australian artists for your prints?
We love the Australian arts scene! We're lucky to have grown up in Melbourne where art has taken over the city in the form of street art and turned the city into a global art mecca. It's so much fun to be a part of the creative process with these guys and girls. Most of them have never seen their art on clothing like ours so, in a way, it's like a new medium for them to play with. We offer something that stands out from the other activewear labels in the industry.

What kinds of exercise is the PANT ACTIVE range best for?
Our gear was designed in consultation with yoga teachers, cross-fit goers, runners and personal trainers to suit a range of sporting activities. We have ambassadors and sponsored athletes in a range of disciplines, from yogis and Pilates instructors to powerlifters, strongwomen and even freedivers - yep, they're also perfect for swimming in salt water as our non-fade dye sublimation printing process ensures the artwork stays vibrant!

What's your 'non-fade sublimation printing' all about?
Most printed apparel is made using digital print technology which merely transfers the ink to the surface of the fabric, so it tends to crack, fade and peel off quite quickly. With dye sublimation printing, the dye is transferred into the substrate of the material, so it becomes a part of the fabric and won't ever come off. The colours stay brilliant and crisp for years. We've had Hawaiian freediving pals wear the leggings regularly in the ocean over the past two years and tell us the print is still as vibrant as ever.

What high-tech fabric do you use and why is it good to work out in?
We researched and tested a bunch of fabrics until we found a special one that had all the qualities we needed. It's a four-way stretch fabric with a ceramic core technology, which means there's a ceramic filament within the core of each fibre. This ensures that the fabric is completely non-transparent and offers amazing UV protection qualities. It's also sweat-wicking and highly breathable, so it's perfect for hot yoga, running and other sweaty pursuits. The tight weave also provides a subtle compression feel to our leggings.

What's changed and what's improved since launching in 2016?
With every production run, we hope to improve our products based on the ongoing feedback we get from customers, our ambassadors and sponsored athletes. We've made adjustments to the leggings waistband, improved the stitching and drastically improved the design of our crop tops by making them more sleek and functional.

How does your 'sweat-wicking' fabric work?
The fabric actively draws moisture away from the body to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate more easily. This has the effect of cooling the body while also keeping you dry.

What design changes can we expect to see in the future and what benefits will they have?
For 2018 production runs, we'll be increasing the height of our waistband and adding an internal drawstring. We're also looking at transitioning to a new fabric within the same family of sports fabrics which we will improve the feel and compression qualities of our leggings.

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know?
We really appreciate the incredible support we've had so far and that we're committed to providing funky fresh designs in activewear from some of Australia's most exciting artists. We have some new products in development too, including booty shorts, swimwear and even some rad men's training shorts. Stay tuned!

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