Tenfingerz raises the bar with The Fabulon

Tenfingerz raises the bar with The Fabulon

Teneille Clerke is better known as ‘Tenfingerz’ and describes herself as a ‘Gen Y renaissance human’. She’s an established stylist, producer, photographer, performance artist, filmmaker and creative think-tank and she’s only just getting started.

The past four years have seen Tenfingerz behind countless large-scale live art and fashion events, encouraging and promoting self-expression amidst the hundreds of individuals who have followed her progression. Working collaboratively with artists from an array of creative professions has allowed Tenfingerz to create live art spectacles that defy conventional exhibition styles, determining a point of difference that continues to capture the attention of audiences.

Most recently Tenfingerz was invited to take part in the 2016 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program – a program that offers unique experiences and activities that are dedicated to the presence of fashion within contemporary culture. Housed at the historic Melba Spiegeltent in Collingwood on the 26th of February, ‘The Fabulon’ was bought to life, described as ‘Performance meets runway meets costume meets fashion meets you!’

Anything but your average runway show, The Fabulon delivered an intimate and immersive fashion experience, showcasing a collection of Melbourne’s most innovative, underground and independent fashion designers. It was the perfect example of art-meets-fashion with a plethora of colour, texture and sound colliding to create a standout performance in which wearable designs truly came to life.

The likes of Sex Cake Monster, Madame Buttons and Sarah Seahorse took to the stage through high energy performances from Glitter and Snatch and Benjamin Fraser, portraying stories, thoughts and feelings through dance, movement and song. Each collection owned its own diverse theme and meaning, but in its entirety, The Fabulon delivered a much deeper insight and understanding into the inner workings of fashion.

Offering a rare explanation of the thought process behind each individual piece, The Fabulon portrayed a sense of recognition and artistic merit through performance and interaction. Saving the best for last, Melbourne designer Sophie Cogs of GOOLiFE Clothing spectacularly launched her new season collection, Luminary Eminations, which stayed true to the label’s commitment to sustainability and ethical production. Encompassing a passion for all things psychedelic and dreamlike, with designs and textures that indulge the senses, the latest GOOLiFE collection is a collaboration with artist Dr D Foothead which explores over-sized silhouettes and unconventional cuts, with a confident-cool street vibe and an abundance of clashing prints and bright colours.

Teneille Clerke’s appreciation for such artistic vision and her value for collaborative results always seem to deliver above and beyond expectations, continually setting higher standards for live art and fashion combined events. It is no longer just about presenting fashion as clothing, but rather as pieces of art with a unique story to be told, which The Fabulon undoubtedly achieved.

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The Fashion Advocate Melbourne fashion blogger Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle

The Fashion Advocate Melbourne fashion blogger Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle

The Fashion Advocate Melbourne fashion blogger Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyleThe Fashion Advocate Melbourne fashion blogger Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle

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