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I drink coffee every day. Sometimes I drink three. I've gone through patches of trying to wean myself off it, and I just end up losing friends and scaring strangers. Not really, that's a little dramatic, but I do thoroughly enjoy it.

I enjoy it even more so now that I've found Urban Brew. I haven't been paid for this post either, so know that my newfound Urban Brew love is one of authentic, freshly brewed goodness, straight from the heart.

Urban Brew's founder, Toby Strong, gets my coffee addiction. He's known affectionately as 'The Podfather', and he was the first person in Australia to launch Nespresso-compatible pods back in 2011. With a decade of coffee connoisseur-ing under his belt, he knows what he's doing with Urban Brew. Put simply, it's great coffee.

Besides being locally owned, Urban Brew's coffee is Fairtrade, ethically sourced, freshly roasted, half the price of most mainstream brands, and gentle on the food miles. Shipping in fast fashion is no different to shipping in coffee, and when something is coming all the way from Europe, those food miles tick up. There's more handling, more fuel, more transportation, and a bigger carbon footprint, so shopping locally for your coffee is better for the environment.

All those fun facts are not the best part though.

Urban Brew coffee pods are biodegradable, and each one of these bad boys takes the same time as an orange peel to break down in landfill. Some plastics can take more than 500 years to break down, and some don't break down at all, so if you're an at-home coffee brewer, Urban Brew is an eco-friendly alternative to the common coffee pod.

You can watch my review on IGTV here or shop online at Urban Brew here to start your day the eco-friendly way.

The Fashion Advocate x

Urban Brew coffee pods are biodegradable, freshly roasted and amazing

Urban Brew coffee pods are biodegradable, freshly roasted and amazing

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