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It’s no secret that two minds are greater than one, and when the minds in question are creatively working together in the fashion field, the outcome is almost always astounding. The collaborative process of bouncing ideas off one another and working with an opposing perception can create the potential for ideas and designs that would otherwise be overlooked. In the case of Jacky Stickler and Lauren Malone, the meeting of their two minds has delivered a collaborative limited-edition outfit that highlights their shared values.

Jacky brings her fashion design talents from her label, sticks + stone, and Lauren contributes her textile design skills from her business, The Indigo Room. Together, the two Brisbane based businesswomen have developed ‘We Are Kin’ – a realised vision, designed and made with the environmentally and socially conscious values that both creatives regard so highly.

Lauren’s bespoke hand painted design is printed on GOTS Certified Organic cotton sateen using 100 per cent non-toxic and biodegradable inks, and it illustrates each individual involved in the development process. The motifs take the curious fashion lover on a journey of discovery as to how their clothes have been crafted, and each hand painted element represents every artisan’s role in the process. From the farmer who harvested the Organic Cotton, to the designer who sketched the silhouette and the seamstress who sewed each stitch – every contribution is embodied. The water ripple base design demonstrates the impact that small conscious changes can have in making a powerful difference. In its entirety, the textile print highlights the fashion lover as the catalyst of this process, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

While bright colours and prints aren’t usually a trademark for Jacky, her crisp minimalist aesthetic shines through the design's shape, drawing inspiration from the beauty and perils of the environment around her. The two-piece ensemble boasts a soft elegance with its undulating silhouette, and the structural fit is balanced with delicate design details.

Together, Lauren and Jacky have collaboratively crafted a statement design that conveys their shared vision for the fashion industry loud and clear.

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate We are kin Australian made fashion online Sticks + Stone and The Indigo Room collaboration

The Fashion Advocate We are kin Australian made fashion online Sticks + Stone and The Indigo Room collaboration

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