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We don't do sales and we never have. We don't do Black Friday and we don't do Cyber Monday. We don't do Boxing Day sales or start them in November as some retailers do. We don't do seasonal sales. We don't do flash sales. We might offer our shoppers 10% off on a VIP day to treat them to something special in-store, but that's it. Why? Because good fashion is worth paying an honest price.

As a Global Fashion Exchange Ambassador, I am standing up and speaking out about the negative impact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have on slow fashion brands.

Instead of impulse-buying fast fashion that you don't need, I invite you to #TakeBackBlackFriday and celebrate slower, more sustainable ways of living. 

We sell over 1000 ethical and sustainable Australian and New Zealand fashion, beauty and lifestyle goodies that you will love - not because you got them on sale, but because they're handmade, special and ethical. They're also worth every cent that our designers and labels ask for.

Our brands and designers are a passionate bunch, and every single product we stock is made ethically. If you're new to 'ethical' buying, it's simple; it's about paying a fair price for goods because they're made in safe working conditions by people who are paid a living wage.

Don't buy into the Black Friday sales. Buy meaningful goods from local makers at

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate ethical and sustainable black friday cyber monday

The Fashion Advocate ethical and sustainable black friday cyber monday

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