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Partnering with social enterprises who share our ethical values is what The Fashion Advocate is all about. Through our community engagement, we pair good fashion with good causes, and we support good people doing good things.

Jeremy Meltzer is one of those good people. He’s the founder of i=Change and he shares our vision for equality and empowerment. We partnered with i=Change in 2018, and now, we are excited to share that in collaboration with the other 60 partnering businesses who support i=Change, we have contributed to raising over $1 million to support women and girls around the world.

Inspired by the dedication of i=Change to improve female living conditions, employment opportunities and access to healthcare, we are proud to be part of such an empowering community who pay it forward.

With every online purchase at The Fashion Advocate, we donate to three Australian charities through i=Change, empowering hundreds of women around the country. Dress For Success, Women's Community Shelters, and the Australian Food Bank are our chosen community partners.

As a collective of ethical and sustainable fashion brands who care about our impact, we will continue to partner with i=Change, contributing to a better fashion future in support of empowering our fellow females. 

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate partners with i=Change raising $1 million

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