I’m going to solve all your sustainable fashion business problems in one blog post.

I’m going to solve all your slow fashion business problems in one blog post. If you think that's impossible, let me tell you that there's no such thing, so keep an open mind and stay with me...

Do any of these challenges resonate with you?

1️⃣ Your materials are so expensive that there’s not enough margin for your wage.

2️⃣ You hand-make your products so your growth is limited by the number of pieces you can make in one day.

3️⃣ You want to reduce your prices because you’re afraid people won’t pay what your products are really worth.

4️⃣ You think you need a huge Facebook advertising budget to find the right customers that truly value the time and effort you put into your pieces.

5️⃣ You feel like the industry is stacked against sustainability and you can’t sort out a profit-friendly pricing model because the industry doesn’t support small businesses.

I could list problem after problem that you might be facing running your sustainable fashion business, but here’s the thing. The challenge you’re facing in your business, isn’t actually the challenge.

The thing that you think is holding you back - pricing, the industry, supply issues, customers, whatever it is - isn’t actually the thing holding you back.

The only thing holding you back, the one real challenge, the roadblock to your growth - is your mindset. Because every single challenge in business can be overcome when you have an open mind.

But I get it. When you’re in the business doing all the things and working all the hours and struggling day in and day out to grow, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

I’ve been there. I was there for the first five years of my business. And you can’t grow a business in a ‘problems mindset’.

If you have a sustainable fashion business challenge you’re trying to overcome, contact me, tell me what it is, and I’ll solve it for you.

But you have to be open to solutions. You have to be open to trying new strategies. You have to be open to growth. You have to be open to the idea that business can better. You have to be open to the idea that you deserve to succeed with your fashion business and that you can use it as a force for good.

Because positive change starts with you.

Claire x

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I spent my first five years in business stressed and in debt.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or if you're not making enough sales to survive, you're not alone. I've been there.

I was exhausted and I wanted to quit.

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