Learn how to land your label in Vogue with PR and media month inside the Slow Fashion Circle.

In my first five years of growing one of the largest online stores for ethical and sustainable fashion, I didn't have a PR budget to play with. I didn't have much of a budget for anything to be honest, but I had a deep desire to change the world with fashion and I used my creative mind to make magic. 

I hustled my way into magazines. I Facebook-stalked my way to meeting editors. I connected with every writer I could on LinkedIn. I bought tickets to events to get in the room with notable media. I sent email after email after email after email.

When you're trying to grow a slow fashion business with little-to-no budget for PR, you have to get creative - and that's exactly what I did to stack up an impressive collection of PR and media features for The Fashion Advocate. 

l've been in Peppermint Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Women's Weekly, on A Current Affair and ABC radio. I've been featured on umpteen blogs and my face has been shared all over Instagram. I had a full page spread in the Herald Sun and I coined the 'Quote of the Quarter' in a print edition of Inside Small Business.

I did my own PR and media for years because I didn't have the budget to outsource it or pay for an agency, so I know a thing or two about making a headline. 

But I'm not telling you all these things to brag. I'm telling you this because I want you to know that if I can do it, you can do it, and I want to help you do it. I want to help you land your slow fashion label in Vogue. I want to help you land that interview in Grazia. I want to help you get your range on the news.

If you want that too, you need to join my Slow Fashion Circle this month because we're focusing on all things PR and media.

Inside the Slow Fashion Circle this month you'll learn about PR and media and what it can do for your ethical, sustainable, circular or slow fashion brand, and you'll end the month with a PR strategy you can implement straight away.

You'll also learn directly from our program mentors and experts including...

Jasmine Gescheit from Jasmine Alexa on how she landed her ethical activewear label on the front page of the world's largest women's health magazine.

Elizabeth Herman from Argent Silversmith on how PR has helped grow her luxury Australian made jewellery label to 58k followers and how being in the media has propelled her forward to making her first million dollars in sales.

Julie Goodwin from Julie Goodwin Couture on how she landed one of her dresses on the red carpet for the EMMYs in L.A and how PR has helped her dress Sigrid Thornton, Kate Atkinson and Shayna Blaze. 

Claire Goldsworthy (me!) from The Fashion Advocate on using PR to build your personal brand and how to leverage the media to grow your slow fashion business. 

Tahlia Crinis from Boss Media PR on how to get featured in magazines, what a good press release looks like, and what to say when you're reaching out to editors.

Lauren Baxter, the ex-editor of Peppermint Magazine on getting through spam filters with your press release, how to stand out in an editor's inbox, and the biggest PR mistakes to avoid.

Plus, this month my Slow Fashion Circle members gain free access to my PR and Media Masterclass Course valued at $275 and it's not even available to the public yet! Seriously, this month is huge inside the Slow Fashion Circle.

Join now and find the support and strategies you need to grow and get ahead in business.

Claire x 

Learn how to land your label in Vogue with PR and media month inside the Slow Fashion Circle.

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